The Tuesday Push

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The Big 3 - Price action, Trend, Market Direction
Winning is    ...      finding Market irrational opportunities , grabbing it, profiting from it, and then releasing it.


Format change started last Friday . The 'portfolio' will follow 'The daily log'
Daily Log
The Daily Log
New Feature added: Annualized rate of return calculation. 
It is shown on the first and  last page of the portfolio spreadsheet. It is based on an average portfolio cost basis  of $80,000. More times than not I am below that amount.  My rules as stated at the beginning of our blog site is that I will not have more than $100,000 at risk at any given time and no more than 12 equities in the portfolio.
 My annualized return is based on a 365 year, the formula is provided by Google Drive spreadsheet software.
The rate will be calculated each day after market closing. I might add a second rate of return based on an average equity cost of $85,000 or $90,000 if I start putting more money in at risk. Right now , $80,000 is an average on the high side.
9:55am  Hi, yesterday all 7 of our portfolio stock holding went up even through the market indexes were down for the day. Today with the DOW currently down over 100 points our portfolio holding are up in total.
Stocks I'm interested in buying today, at bargain prices are NFLX and SSYS.
 10:15am NFLX and SSYS continue to look like a great opportunity
 Today is a time to follow my Rule #7 
  7. Do take advantage of market irrationality. There are excellent opportunities when this happens. I will be relating these opportunities in future postings. It is the basis for the ROB the Markets Blind portion of my strategy.
10:33am However another of my rules is to add to position on winners. Bought 25 more shares of high flyer TSLA. Have limit order in for even more QIHU.
 11:22am  Closed weakest stock, NTES.
                        Oh we're off to see the wizard, hey diddle de, to see the wizard of Price, a market life for me

Momentum Stocks.
There's a site that attempts to list the top 50 momentum stocks. It uses something they made up called a  trend score to come up with the top 50. The trend score uses technical voo-doo stuff such as Moving Averages, MACD,  Wilder's DMI (ADX) and Aroon. Naturally it doesn't tell you how well their record is in listing a top 50.

I, on the other hand, just look at Price  and report which stocks I buy and sell and provide a record of performance (annualized rate of return).  (by the way, I own none of  their top 50).

My real account live portfolio (started Mid May 2013) This same portfolio is shown in a larger frame at the end of this posting

Price... follow the Price.. Money does and money flows to where money grows. I don't care about moving averages of any kind or flavor. I have no clue what oversold or overbought means nor do I care. Even volume numbers can be deceptive. I look at Price. Price is the result of the entire spectrum thoughts of those who are buying and selling stocks. Price is true. Price is honest. Price at any given time  provides the result of anyone's and everyone's  analysis, comments, posts, blogs, manipulations, media news, etc etc etc.

I don't have the time or inclination to purchase an entity and see if it's a winner in 5 years. My preference is to find out in 5 minutes. I love to purchase a stock that hits a first time new high, whether  the new high is a 52wk high, a yearly high, an all-time high ..because... the odds are that it's more than likely to continue to hit even more highs. The 'first new high' is likely to be the lowest high.
Are you watching the right stocks ?
One of a billion Marilyn Monroe pictures, all suggestive except maybe two !



...In case you would like to follow our stock trades up to the very minute. I try to 'print' the trade within a minute or seconds on 'Stock Twits' (STOCKTWITS.COM) before I update them on here. You can follow me on stock twits by going to and signing in (it's free). Then follow ROBMARKETBLIND.







Painter/Painting   of the Day



                                                John Robert Peck-Viola

Paintings by PİNO ( Giuseppe Dangelico )
....  noted for his exceptional ability to capture the movements and expressions of his subjects.

PINO - Dreaming Madrid


Raphael Soyer  
Russian-born American painter.. He is identified as a Social Realist because of his interest in men and women viewed in contemporary settings which included the streets, subways, salons and artists' studios of New York City 




Classic Auto of the Day  
Invest in a classic car that is certain to appreciate in value  


If the right car does turn out to be an appreciating asset, any later sale is not subject to capital gains tax.

Thought for the Day


 It's August and it's hot

Anna May Wong - Silent movie star

Famous vintage picture : Jane Russell


That's all Folks  





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