Out front Thursday :Put the Hammer Down , Baby !

 Facts themselves provides knowledge to make decisions in most endeavors. However Facts in themselves do not provide the necessary knowledge to  make the correct decisions in the stock market. In that case, one must look at the results of all known and perceived facts, which is Price.
                                 .....  Mighty Mo 
 I look at Price. Price is the result of the entire spectrum thoughts of those who are buying and selling stocks. Price is true. Price is honest. Price at any given time  provides the result of anyone's and everyone's  analysis, comments, posts, blogs, manipulations, media news, etc etc etc.
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Act on Market Opportunities

Winning is    ...      finding Momentum , grabbing it, profiting from it, and then releasing it.


 The 'portfolio' will follow 'The daily log'
Daily Log
The Daily Log
 Thursday Throttle
 7:47am CST   Futures up this morning. It should be an interesting day.
8:35am  Why the hell not? Putting the hammer down , baby with a purchase of more NFLX stock... Keep adding until Price tells me otherwise!
8:40am   Why the hell not? Putting the hammer down, baby, and doubled position in QIHU.....
8:58am    An active morning.. Unloaded XONE for profit, still got SSYS and likely to add to position or maybe get into DDD... 3D printer industry is hot.
9:00 PRICE action. That's the name of the game in 2013!
9:00am  Winning is    ...      finding Momentum , grabbing it, profiting from it, and then releasing it.
9:03am   Sold BIDU , again for profit. I'm building up cash for a bigger opportunity  ..  coming soon.
9:15am  Went in big on DDD....  now own SYSS and DDD
9:24am   High action today. Sold partial of TSLA for very nice profit ($576.70 net). Need cash for yet another play in mind.
9:40am  NFLX and DDD continue to feel no pain.... I know I know, it can change on a dime.
10:00am  DOW continues to climb. Shorts continue to run.
10:13am  Added DATA and FB to my watch list. By the by, if you want to buy my watch list, it's for sell for $10,000 coins.
10:15am   Aaaah, my 3D guys, SSYS and DDD.. doing quite well , thank you.
10:45am  DDD continues the upward push... as the HP rumours to buy it out persist. That's OK, what's that saying.... Buy on the rumor, sell on the.......
10:52am  My portfolio has now percolated upwards  to an intra-day total gain of over $11,500.
10:56am Netflix to 400 by Christmas ? It's possible, NFLX has been on average making 20 points gains per month since the start of the year. At that pace, it'll be around  375 by Christmas...add a little juice and it's at 400!
11:38am  The holding period on momentum stocks must always be a primary consideration...it's OK to love a stock in the morning and kiss it good-by in the afternoon and visa-versa.
11:58  NFLX touched 290 intra-day then fell a bit. DDD still strong.
12:07pm  One thing I always must do is to be on the outlook for different stocks than I've currently traded in. A momentum investor can never get comfortable with what one has. It's important to stay fresh, keeping an up-to-date portfolio holding. I like the core group of stocks I currently hold ...but nothing lasts forever. I haven't had much success lately in finding new and better stocks. I buy one and get rid of it if it doesn't perform. It does cost in performance. Today, I just purchased a start in a new stock, DATA. It's a recent new stock  that deals with the industry of information, that is, data mining and provides visuals and charts. I've started a small position of 75 shares.
1:48pm  Markets fairly quiet.. might change in 10 minutes for the last hour of the session.
1:57pm PCLN... will like to catch a little of this before it hits 1,000. Have a limit order in to start.
2:06  last hour  not starting off good. However, bought 150 shr MPWR.
2:11   SCHB sold all for $58.00 loss. This is a non-commissioned etf.
2:18pm  Going with the winners. Added to position with another 25 shr QIHU. Cancelled my limit order on PCLN.
2:30 tough last hour. Decided to sell SYSS, bought yesterday, sold today for nice $242 net gain. Still have DDD.
2:40pm  Market dropping but my three new purchases today keeping their heads above water...so far... DDD DATA MPWR.
3:04pm  Market Closed.  My annual rate of return on the portfolio is now + 56.93%.
New blood in the portfolio consists of MPWR, DATA, and DDD. Out for now are favorites XONE and BIDU ...  but probably not for long. Remaining are electric auto king, TSLA; media marvel NFLX; china internet  momentum roller QIHU; and Icahn pusher AAPL.
Portfolio consists of 8 stocks and one ETF (QQQ) for a total of $77,750 at risk.
: Annualized rate of return calculation. 
It is shown on the first and  last page of the portfolio spreadsheet. It is based on an average portfolio cost basis  of $80,000. More times than not I am below that amount.  My rules as stated at the beginning of our blog site is that I will not have more than $100,000 at risk at any given time and no more than 12 equities in the portfolio.
 My annualized return is based on a 365 year, the formula is provided by Google Drive spreadsheet software.
The rate will be calculated each day after market closing. I might add a second rate of return based on an average equity cost of $85,000 or $90,000 if I start putting more money in at risk. Right now , $80,000 is an average on the high side.
     Oh we're off to see the wizard, hey diddle de, to see the wizard of Price, a market life for me

My real account live portfolio (started Mid May 2013) This same portfolio is shown in a larger frame at the end of this posting

Price... follow the Price.. Money does and money flows to where money grows. I don't care about moving averages of any kind or flavor. I have no clue what oversold or overbought means nor do I care. Even volume numbers can be deceptive. I look at Price. Price is the result of the entire spectrum thoughts of those who are buying and selling stocks. Price is true. Price is honest. Price at any given time  provides the result of anyone's and everyone's  analysis, comments, posts, blogs, manipulations, media news, etc etc etc.

I don't have the time or inclination to purchase an entity and see if it's a winner in 5 years. My preference is to find out in 5 minutes. I love to purchase a stock that hits a first time new high, whether  the new high is a 52wk high, a yearly high, an all-time high ..because... the odds are that it's more than likely to continue to hit even more highs. The 'first new high' is likely to be the lowest high.
Are you watching the right stocks ?



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Painter/Painting   of the Day


                                                John Robert Peck-Viola

Paintings by PİNO ( Giuseppe Dangelico )
....  noted for his exceptional ability to capture the movements and expressions of his subjects.

PINO - Dreaming Madrid


Raphael Soyer  
Russian-born American painter.. He is identified as a Social Realist because of his interest in men and women viewed in contemporary settings which included the streets, subways, salons and artists' studios of New York City 




Classic Auto of the Day  
Invest in a classic car that is certain to appreciate in value  


If the right car does turn out to be an appreciating asset, any later sale is not subject to capital gains tax.

Thought for the Day


 It's August and it's hot

Anna May Wong - Silent movie star

Famous vintage picture : Jane Russell


That's all Folks  





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