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This stock strategy is based on  anticipating events that will propel or freefall stock share prices.
Buying a stock on  Anticipation strategy  pertains to expecting an future event that will cause big stock movement. Intelligent analysis regarding the anticipation determines the probability of the event occuring and hence the risk involved in trading the stock. An example is the Anticipation that the Trump administration will lessen the restrictions on Banking  per the Dodd Frank Act. Trump all along indicated a willingness to remove or lessen the banking restrictions in the Dodd Frank act. Buying banking and finance stocks such as BAC, JPM in 'anticipation' of this occuring is a result of Intelligent Anticipation. We will continue to use this concept in future trading. Stay tuned for easy winners!

This strategy is buying a stock prior to the stock going ex-dividend and selling the stock just prior to ex-dividend date. The build up or ramp up stock gain to the ex-dividend date is captured. Instead of getting the dividend, the stock gain is captured. Additionaly, one can Sell a Call upon purchase of the stock and capture that gain. Typically, on ex-div date, the stock will drop reflecting the dividend lost.

Everyone investing should own at least one 'Cloud' stock. Cloud services is a money machine.  MSFT reported again and beat expectations on earnings and revenue. MSFT took off last qtr reporting with it's cloud business while it's browser and office products stagnated. The top five 'Cloud' stocks, in my opinion, are GOOGL, IBM, AMZN, MSFT, and ORACLE. Others high up on the list are CSCO, HP, ATT (T).  I currently own three, IBM,  AMZN and MSFT. IBM has been in uptrend  the last six months.. AMZN on uptrend. Hey, I bought MSFT  day before reporting earnings, knowing it would relate to 'Cloud' services profit. Considering buying the 5 Cloud stocks listed above always a day or two before reporting earnings. Take your pick. Easy money.
 With expected 3-5 Fed Reserve  rate increases in the next two years, profits will rise in the banking industry and with it, so will banking stock share price. It is difficult for me to find any reason not to own these three stocks. Upcoming expectations on lower taxes, fiscal stimulus and lighter regulation would all help banks.I believe we are just in the beginning of a bull market for finance/banking stocks.
Why dwell on market stocks that are old and tired. Instead one can jump and take a quantum leap abroad tigers awakening from their deep slumber of 2008 fame - FINANCE (BAC, GS, JPM)
The Game is about being in the right place at the right time.
Beware the Witch of Wall Street that wants you to be in sucker stocks

Ah, the easy life, making money hands-over fist in retirement

03.01.2017           DOW PASSES and CLOSES ABOVE 21,000 FOR FIRST TIME
01.25.2017           DOW HITS 20,000 , CLOSES OVER 20,000
                             Trump  orders to ease “regulatory burdens” of ObamaCare.
                             Order to  withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.
                             Two orders reviving the Keystone XL pipeline and Dakota Access pipelines
                             the authorization of a U.S.-Mexico border wall
                             the stripping of federal grant money to sanctuary cities
                             Order  “extreme vetting” process for any and all immigrants and visitors to U.S. 
12.14.2016           FEDERAL RESERVE BANK INCREASES RATE UP .25%                

PORTFOLIO OVER 3,000  $3,300  $3,50 $4,000 $4200  $4900  IN PROFIT
PORTFOLIO  NOW  OVER -$5,300-   $5,600   $5800   $5900  IN PROFITS !
NOW OVER $ 6,100 

 PORTFOLIO near   $14,500 IN REAL PROFIT    

Eyeballs  focus  on  Boeing , Visa, ATT , Verizon

 stocks are brought on expectations, not facts

MightyMO continues to WIN WIN WIN !
my my  MO definitely knows what he's doing !                              

There is one indicator, one core piece of information, that is always up to date and always correct. That piece of information, is 'PRICE 

Opportunity is always here. Everything is always changing. 
MightyMO . stock  spreadsheet 

stock tracking started here on April 25, 2016 -  See daily trading and commentary  below

2017 - Here's what I say will happen

1. US Economy improves:  Overall Trump administration  lower taxes leads to   higher corporate profits. Repartiation of overseas taxes to occur. More Jobs stay and come back to USA.
2.  US Dollar grows stronger as economy improves: making imported items cheaper.. makes it more attractive to hold dollar-denominated assets, attracting money into the U.S.
3.  FED  reserve raises rates : makes Finance/Bank stock sector stronger
4. OIL prices likely to  drop after initial bump increase. Stronger dollar makes buying oil more expensive and oil cartel has history of cheating on limits. Bottom line, comes down to supply and demand. Supply will continue to outstrip demand
5 Gold prices likely to continue long term trend to fall as dollar strengthens

APR 22-23
Gold trending upward with world tensions, OIL trending down with US rigs up and oversupply.
Apple and TSLA up sharply in after-market trading.AAPL to announce dividend increase.

APR 21th
Am a  buyer of MSFT if it drops to 66.
APR 20th
Bought more AAPL and 100 shares of MU. Also added to SCHB.
Bought WDAY (Workday).
Maybe more TSLA. Thinking hard about NFLX.
APR 17th

APR 10th
Was up in the Cocoa Beach/Melbourne Florida area all last week. Enjoyed the beach as some hot weather days prevailed. Back to market action prior to Easter.

Sold all BAC... Finance / banking stocks currently not in vogue
Bought more TSLA and AMZN.. These hot stocks are not done!

MAR 17
Happy St. Patrick's day !
Bought more Phillip Morris (PM)
Sold GS Goldman Sachs for profit.
Limited orders in to buy Visa (V) and SCHV.

MAR 16
getting ready to purchase a number of SCHa SCHB SCHC SCHV SCHG schwab etf's....

MAR 13
Monday's...sometines one just sits back and lets the weekend hype and fear subside to a more pragmatic Tuesday.

MAR 10
end of session  today. Sold MO, ADP, and TRV. Combining all three, came up with net profit. Selling on the Friday frees up over $9,000 in cash for next week... My sell calls do not get exercise allowing me to write more next week against my holdings of BAC.

TRV. When to sell a loser? Have captured the dividend on TRV but showing a loss on the stock. Debating whether to sell... if sold will take a small loss.  Question is ..Can I do better selling the stock and using the cash to purchase another equity which will be of better use of the funds? If sold, would result in an overall net loss of around $30.00 but will free up $3,000 in cash.

ADP  This morning currently at 104.22 and raising. Likely to sell if it can reach 104.50 or better.

VZ, T.  Time to look at buying these  two telephone stocks, maybe next week

BAC.  The 25.50 and 26.00 options I have on these will, at current BAC share price, expired and my BAC stock will not be called in. This will allow me on Monday to open options to Sell Calls and rack in more money.
BAC  Collusion issue causing banking stocks down today. Sold 200 shares at 25.10,  betting that can buy back at lower price. Commission to buy back will only cost me $4.95.

JPM. I don't think the highly expected fed rate increase is baked into finance and banking stocks. Bought 28 more share of J P Morgan this morning to bring total share count to 100. This will allow me to write a sell covered call at some point.
JPM Am not opposed to writing a sell call 93.50 if JPM gets to 92.

BAC Limited order in to buy/sell combo stock and call option.
BAC Bought 100 shares at 25.50 and sold call mar24 26.50 at 16, netted 15.35 on the option as in a combo my commission on the option  was only  .65 cents. If I get called, I will gain $100 on the stock less commissions.

PM Bought more PM. Goes ex-div
PM  Declared $1.04 per shr dividend today, effective ex-div date is mar 13th.

V and BA. Still very interested in buying these two stocks for price appreciation

NO action today
HD  Yet another Dividend Capture strategy winner! Captured dividend yesterday and sold stock for profit today.

KO  As indicated in our 'eyeballs focus on' , bought KO today, another Dividend Capture candidate as it goes ex-div Mar 13. In this case, might play any 'ramp up' to ex-div date and sell right before.

BAC.. Bought 100 shares and sell call mar10 25.50 to pick up $14.00.

AAPL  Limited order in to buy more AAPL.
AAPL  Bought more Apple.

V  Added visa to 'eyeballs' focus watch

No  trades today. No need to trade every single session day.
Decided to hold HD even though the stock price likely will be depressed tomorrow as it goes ex-div.
Likely to sell HD for nice profit.
Looking hard on TRV for possible sell.
Likely to buy KO, T, VZ in very near future
Expecting BAC, JPM, GS to start strong today
AAPL. Considering purchasing even more

Did some trading in BAC
Bought MO.
Now own ADP.

After yesterday's big day, as expected, pressure on market indexes today.
Eyeballs focusing on MRK.

JPM  Sold partial (50 shrs) to lock in profit with plan to repurchase if JPM drops lower. Realized $596 profit on sell.

Broker's commission wars. My broker is at 4.95 per trade.
TRV  Considering  buying TRV.
TRV   09:15am cst. Bought 25 shares. A capture dividend play. Goes ex-div on march 8th.

BAC  Sold 100 of the 500 shares own. Profit is $283.00 on the 100 shares bac and also captured the dividend today.

PEP.  Very likely to sell today. Have captured dividend.
PEP   Sold. yet another Div Capture strategy winner. Got the Dividend and make profit on sell of stock.

ADP  Another dividend play. Bought 30 shares.

FEB 28
Sold WMT. Down today due to news that Buffet unloaded
Bought PM. PM on a tear...let's go for the ride

PEP.  Likely to sell today, one day prior to going ex-div. Sometimes one plays the Dividend Capture strategy by playing the run-up to the ex-div. PEP usually goes down on value on ex-div date.

BAC. Our moniker is 'rob the markets blind' and I would like to steal  $21.00 from Mr Market. How? By buying 100 shr  BAC and sell a mar3 call at .22. The stock is at 24.52. I buy the stock at 24.52 and sell the mar3 24.50 call at $22.00. I get the 22.00 and the mar 1 dividend of 7.50 for at total of 29.50 and pay a commission of 6.95 plus .75. I net over $21..80.
BAC.. Did above trade at 100shr bac at 24.5 and sell call mar3 24.50 at 21.00.

MCD. Captured the dividend yesterday. Likely to sell MCD if the stock can move up a tiny bit more today.
MCD  Yet another Dividend Capture win. Captured dividend and made profit on the stock. Sold.
HD  Doubled up share purchase today.

FEB 27
No action today. Expect some  trades tomorrow
FEB 24
MSFT, Another dividend capture winner. Sold stock for net profit and got the dividend.

FEB 23
DAL  Another dividend capture winner. Sold for profit and captured  the dividend.
TSLA Sold all
JNJ  Goes ex-div tomorrow but currently have approx $170 profit in JNJ. Likely I will sell today prior to ex-div and lock in profit. JNJ most likely will drop tomorrow and more than the div pays.
This is another angle in the Dividend Capture strategy which is to play the 'ramp up' to the dividend and sell just prior to it  going ex-div.
JNJ  Sold all, captured profit on stock. 
MCD  Limited order in to buy more McDonald's.
MCD  Order filled.

FEB 22
PEP: Limited order in to buy.
PEP: Bought. Another Dividend Capture play

FEB 21
BAC Bought another 100 shares and married a  sell call mar3 25.00 to it. Got $22 on the call and BAC will go ex-div Mar 1.
WMT..Bought in
HD.. Bought this after extensive eyeball watch
Focus now on PEP.

FEB 17
rare no action day.

FEB 16
JNJ  Bought more JNJ today. JNJ is one of the elite dividend  stocks. 
BAC  Sold 100 shares for nice profit.
2:50pm cst BAC Re-bought it. Mistake to sell, BAC likely to hit 38-40 by eoy.

FEB 15
DAL   bought 60 share
AAPL  bought 14 more shares
IBM  Sold.  Another Dividend Capture win. Getting $28 on dividend and netted $14.42 on the stock.

FEB 14
Valentine's day
MCD.. Bought 26 shares , dividend capture strategy
HD..  Likely to purchase in next week or so
IBM.. Considering selling, if do so now, will be yet another Dividend Capture winner.
TSLA.. tesla on a roll, going world-wide auto selling. Added to position
AMZN  Bought 2 more shares.

FEB 13
Portfolio continues to hit new highs.
Anticipation strategy is where it's at. A winner!

FEB 10
Portfolio bloats up to 13,100 net profit
Likely to sell BA  today. Have captured the dividend and stock is in the black for profit.
Portfolio hits the 13K profit mark today !
Bought more TSLA stock this morning.
JPM  Limited order to sell to open call 88.00  17feb

BA  Limited order to sell
BAC If BAC continues to climb today, likely to sell 23.50 calls to open.

GS  Looks likely GS will head towards testing resistence and if so, likely to break out. Limited order in to buy 7 more shares GS.
12:05pm Bought 7 more shares GS.

BA Another capture dividend winner. Captured $28.40 in dividend and net profit on selling stock 39.16

1:05pm JNJ  Dividend capture play. Bought 26 shrs JNJ.

It is speculated that removing restrictions from Dodd Frank will take up to 4 years. I seriously doubt it and as banking/finance stocks are down today, it makes an excellent opportunity to buy in. BANKING  stocks, if nothing else, will trend upwards as the Federal Reserve bank makes several rate increases in the next two years.
Boeing flying high!
Bought more BA stock today. Tomorrow the stock goes ex-div so that more than paid for the commission on stock. BA ready to ride on big uptrend.
NVDA. Have a limited order in to buy NVDA.

This stock strategy is based on  anticipating events that will propel or freefall stock share prices.
Buying a stock on  Anticipation strategy  pertains to expecting an future event that will cause big stock movement. Intelligent analysis regarding the anticipation determines the probability of the event occuring and hence the risk involved in trading the stock. An example is the Anticipation that the Trump administration will lessen the restrictions per the Dodd Frank Act. Trump all along indicated a willingness to remove or lessen the banking restrictions in the Dodd Frank act. Buying banking and finance stocks such as BAC, JPM in 'anticipation' of this occuring is a result of Intelligent Anticipation. We will continue to use this concept in future trading. Stay tuned for easy winners!

Bought 20 more shares AAPL
Sold 100 shares of MS

Bought back GS.
Bought old friend AAPL. Dividend ex date is 2/7.
MS.. Added  to position.
Sold all of O. Dividend capture worked. Sold stock above cost and got the dividend.
Sold all of MET.
Options calls on BAC expire today, took all in profit.

Bought another 100 shares of BAC today.
Started position in Costco COST today.

No action today
JAN 31
Last day of a very interesting month. Market enduring a fear stage which makes it a wonderful opportunity to pick up some stocks at a lower price. Eyeballs focused on BAC, JNJ at the moment. With the Fed Reserve bank very likely to raise interest rates 3-5 times in the next two years, I see BAC at least hitting 30 but the main factor will be to sell weekly coverred calls and pick up profit that way.

JAN 30
JAN 28
Bought IBM stock.
Sold GS but will re-purchase if at lower level.
Sold SCHB.

REALLY like IBM.. Shoule be one of our top ten stocks. Likely just matter of time before we buy IBM stock, likewise for JNJ.

JAN 26

CAT Dividend Capture play. Did well, sold CAT today for $104 net profit and will be paid $23.10 dividend.
SCHB, Sold  50 shrs.
JPM. Considering an open position to sell call feb20 88.00.
JPM Bought more JPM near the close today

JAN 25
DOW over 20,000 this morning
CSCO: Likely to sell today.
9:30 BAC.. two options: Sell to Open BAC  FEB03  23.50
NFLX and CAT. Considering selling today
9:35 JPM  Bought more shares today
9:43 CSCO  Dividend  capture of $26.00, sold stock for net profit 2.17.
10:30 MSFT  Playing the Dividend Capture game. Bought MSFT

JAN 24
3pm  Bought MS (morgan stanley) before the session close today
Bought TSLA,  an old friend
12:00 cst..Market on a tear.
Bought TSLA stock today..uptrend started in Dec
12:05pm  Bought MET
12:10pm Considering selling  2  23.50 calls on BAC. Waiting for best opportunity.

As my previous headline stated.. to buy JPM, GS, BAC on dips.. All those stocks are up today!
Placed limited orders  to buy MS (morgan stanley) and MET (met life) are lower levels.

Capture Dividend stock update:
CSCO  Our dividend pays tomorrow ($26.00) and if I sold the stock, would break even on stock sale.
CAT  Earned $23.10 on dividend Jan 18, if sold stock today, will net profit on stock sale of $42.00.

JAN 17
Huge buying  opportunity in buying on banking stock dips. take your choice of JPM, BAC, and GS
My expectations is to buy more of one or all three stocks at the end of the day.
JAN 13
Likely to pick up MSFT and JNJ before the end of the month.
Strong focus on MET today for possible buy.

JAN 11
8:45am Bought  more SCHB.
8:58am  Bought Boeing BA.
Eyeballs strongly focus on CVS CAT MET
9:30am GS at avg resistence for last month. Let's see if it can bust through.
9:40am Limited order in to buy CAT.
10:00am Dow approaching the 20k mark, about 50 points away
2:51pm Bought 20 more  shrs JPM

JAN 10
Speculative buy on NVDA.
Limited orders to buy CAT and CVS.
Eyeballs on CLX  PFE

9:2X am cst  Bought 200 shr BAC at 22.66 and sold 2 call options to open, BAC 23.00 JAN13, rcvd $44.48 net on the options. If called on Jan 13 and  require to sell BAC will end up netting over $100.00.

10:00 Bought 20 shrs of SCHB. My broker provides this trade  at no commission.

10:07  Likely to sell CSCO. Captured $26.00 on the dividend and would like to sell CSCO stock at even or small profit. This will free up more cash to go after another Dividend  Capture stock,

10:17 Bought 20 more shares SCHB today.

11:08  Dividend capture play. Bought 100 shr PFE at 33.42  and Sold a Call option to open, PFE JAN27 34.00 at $22.00. Dividend pays 32.00 and goes ex-div on 2/1. If option is called by Jan 27 will receive  $22.00 plus $58.00 for 80.00 total less commission, otherwise will get $22.00 on option expiration plus $32.00 dividend for 56.00.

11:45 Sold NVDA for loss. Speculative play did not work out, got out early.

JAN 9 - Monday
Holding tight today. Expect dow 20,000 sometime  this week to occur.
3 banks reporting later this week, expect overall uptrend.
'Wild bunch tech ' stocks like AMZN, GOOGL, TESLA, NFLX, APPL ready to swing upward.
Goldman Sachs a top leader.
Very difficult to see BAC bank stock dropping overall as FED expected to raise rates 3-5 times in next two years.

At this time GS is a better play than DAL.
Sold DAL and bought more GS.
Bought shares in old friend, AMZN
Limited order in to sell call BAC 23.00 JAN 13.

Currently heavy in cash... awaiting next week

Sold SCHA.
Sold some of GS,BAC,JPM
Bought 60 more shares VZ giving me 200 shares.. goes ex-div tomorrow. Might try to sell calls on it.
2.50pm Sold all VZ  for profit, bypassing tomorrow's ex-div.
2:29pm Just sold all T for profit, bypassing tomorrow's ex-div.
2:00pm Limited order in to buy NFLX

After review, it appears I am very likely to sell some or all of VZ and T today. Although ex-div date is tomorrow to lock in the dividend, it appears that the stock, from a historical aspect, will drop more than the dividend amount to be received tomorrow. I currently have a nice profit in both VZ and T and can lock the profit in by selling the stock. I currently have 450 combined shares. It will also free up funds for other trades this month.

Option trade: Sell to Open  JPM 88.50 JAN13 call  .61.
Option gives me half point protection on stock and if called will get 88.50 +51.29.
 Limited order Option  submitted : Sell to Open DAL 51.50 JAN13,
Bought  SCHA.

JAN 3 -Tues
Bought more GS (Goldman Sachs)
Limited order in to buy more VZ (Verizon)11
11:00am OIL taking a drop
DOLLAR hits new 14 year high!
12:00  Eyeball watch now includes CVS along with VZ, CVX, CAT, SCHW. These stocks are all going to be moving upward!
12:30pm  We are pleased with  VZ as it continues nice uptrend movement.
2:55pm cst. Bought 40 more shares VZ.

DEC 30
Bought 100 shr BAC.
NVDA: Limited order in to buy NVDA long.

DEC 29 - Protection strategy

Getting set up for next week.... sold 10 shares GS for nice profit and frees up cash
Bought 5 shares SCHB.
BAC: Finance/banking are getting beat up today. On a defensive move, sold 200 shrs BAC with the plan to re-buy it at a lower priCE.
Telecom up today. Eyeballs continue to focus on telecom.

We're in one of those situations where market profits over a six week period can or are nullified with two down market days. To offset that, sold totall of  325 shares of BAC today even through I am sure it will pop back next week. Sold all of XLF and sold 10 shares of GS. Made profits on all those trades. However Protection is the key. Strategy requires me to protect all profits.

1:30pm  JPM.. With stock down today, was going to re-buy GS but decided to go with JPM instead as it pays a dividend Jan 4. Bought 20 more shares JPM.

DEC 28
My Eyeballs were on TSLA and T and decided to buy 50 more shares of T.

9am  Goldman Sachs GS showing the way, bought 5 more shares today

9:10am Its normal for the market to not make sense but this is absurb. Chalk it up to daytrade amateurs controlling trading until the 'big boys' get back next week.

10:00am  Trump to make  'positive' economic annoucement later today.

10:30am  Eyeballs checked out CSCO and bought 100 shrs today. Dividend upcoming

11:10am  Sold 100  shr DAL... Frees up cash and not going to fight oil.

DEC 27
Submitted limit order to open call option to sell DAL 50.50 12/30. Instead of selling 100 shares today ...  as DAL has started a new movement upward, see if can get $50.00 on the option.
 12:15pm  Cancelled above option
12:16pm  wrote new option to sell DAL call to open at 51. limit order at .30.
T  ... With T down today, considering buying 50 more shares.
PM.. already captured the dividend, would like to sell stock if can move up a little today.
12:35 Changed price on above option at limit order of .31
2:45pm SOLD BAC , 110 shares for profit and to free up cash.
2:59pm SOLD PM. Captured dividend , freed up cash

EYEBALLS FOCUS ON the final week of 2016

"In the current cycle the trend for the following :

Strong Dollar : Highest since 2003 (UUP). 
Remember a stronger dollar has a negative affect on oil prices

Bonds: Bond prices have dropped , corporate tax rates expected to drop via congress next year will have a big positive impact on company profits and will likely push bond holders to move money to stocks.  Interest rates went up and  expected to continue in 2017 causes Bonds prices TO DROP

GOLD Prices: Gold's trend has been downward all year. With a stronger dollar as an example, gold prices will continue downward. Stock market strength and continued increases in fed rates will have negative impact on gold in 2017 as it tests a drop to the 1,000 price mark. (DUST)

OIL PRICES:  OPEC's announced cut expected to start Jan 1 but Crude Oil is back to where it was before the OPEC announcement. Expect OIL to fall hard. (SCO, DUG, DNO)
Stock prices: Continue expectation of FINANCE/BANK stocks to continue to trend upward
Why dwell on market stocks that are old and tired. Instead one can jump and take a quantum leap abroad tigers awakening from their deep slumber of 2008 fame - FINANCE (BAC, GS, JPM)
The Game is about being in the right place at the right time.
Beware the Witch of Wall Street that wants you to be in sucker stocks

DEC 26
Market opens up Tuesday for the last week of the year... which means getting set up for  the first two weeks of January when the new money pours in...
DEC 23
Flat market ends week before Christmas.

DEC 22
Sold AIG and TRV for profit and to free up cash.
Closed Put option on BAC.

DEC 21
Interestingly, both MO and PM tobacco stocks up today, one day after going ex-div. I locked into the PM dividend. I see both stocks as a buy.

After capturing the dividends, am considering selling AIG and TRV, both winners, to free up cash and lock in profits. Not sure when or if the move will be made.

BAC has been trading in the range of 22.25 to 23.25 for the last two weeks, at the moment, holding the stock.

Limited order in to purchase 25 shrs DAL which will bring me up to 200 shares. Oil, my friend, will go down, not up.

DAL trading in narrow range of 50.25 to 51.25 last two weeks.

DEC 20
...Continue to like Goldman Sachs ..for a number of reasons, added to position for the third time this month.
ATT (T) Bought 50 more shares, now holding 150 shares.
DEC 19
No action today.
DEC 16
Bought 32 shares of T giving me a total of 100 shares.
Sold the BAC 22.50 option
The BAC written call 23.50 expires with full profit.
The DAL 50.50 dec16 written call expires with full profit
BAC started it's heated move after the Nov election. It's expected that the Trump reign will reduce regulated banking rules and the Fed will increase interest rates, both of which are positives for finance/banking stocks. BAC has already bloated up 30% in one month  since the election  and the 'Crowd' is worry that the movement will end. However, BAC, now sitting at $23.09 on Friday's close,  is nowhere near it's ten year high in the $55 share range.

 Although profit sharing, such as on Monday, Dec 12+13,  and expected scare pump pundit writings will occur, overall BAC should sometime in 2017 test it's 10 year highs.

An anology of sorts that I have related in the past pertains to the Dow of 2008 going into 2009. In March of 2009, the DOW broke out of it's bear run pertaining to the financial crisis of 2008 and went up 1,000 points. After gaining 1,000 points I wrote about getting back into the market. The peanut gallery at that time laughed at me and said I was a sucker for going in 'too late'. However, as we all now, the market and the Dow continues a great movement upward the rest of the year. The one month gain of BAC is only the beginning. I fully expect ongoing consistent gains in the finance/banking sector as we go forward into 2017. This is one of the rare moments to get into a sector at it's bull beginnings. 

Rough week turns on great Thursday session.

DEC 15

Bought for insurance purposes.  BAC 12/23 23.00 put option.
Sold to lock in good profit, 100 shares BAC.

Portfolio keeping profit over $11k although  the week so far has been rough compared to last week.
Still expect Finance/Banking to continue up-trend although profit taking this week has slowed it down. Airlines doing well and hanging in there thru  OPEC's phony announcement to cut production.
Who will be first to cheat? Probably Iraq. 

DEC 14
9:00am It's highly likely that the Fed will announce an increase in interest rates today, propelling Banking stocks upward longer term.

9:45am  Fellow JOKERS, my eyeballs are still focus on GE and possible buying more of T (att). ...also eyeballing GOOGL and AMZN.

10:30am  Notice an increase in our pageviews. Thank You.
Now taking a strong look at CSCO. Appears to be very attractive.
My JOKER CAPTURE DIV process checks out the dividend ex-date upcoming on 1/4.
Stock portfolio up today even through the overall market is down.

11:30am  Eyeballs strongly watching PM and MO.
11:35am  Submitted limit order to buy PM. See if can get it at our lower price.

11:40am Very close to buying 38 more shares of T. Would like to see it drop lower today so can buy it right.
12:30am  Fed almost certain to raise rates. Bought 55 more shares BAC. Considering buy BAC puts as insurance. Still trying to get PM.

DEC 13
AM.  Bought more shares TRV this morning.
9:35am Locked in profit selling 110 shares BAC.
10:05am  Added 50 shares to VZ position giving 100 shares total.

I have been paid , so far, $48.05 in dividends in Dec 2016. I am guaranteed another $190.21 to be paid later this month from BAC, GS, AIG, MCD, O, WMT, ADP, TRV, and PSA.

11:10am bought 100 more shares BAC

2:58pm cst. JOKER CAPTURE DIV CLOSE. sold all of PSA, breaking even on the trade but locking in $38.00 in dividends paying 12/29. (ex date was 12/12). ..

DEC 12
EYEBALLS on the week ahead
Airline stock to get hit hard the early part of the week due to oil prices but becomes great buying opportunity later in week.
FINANCE/BANKING will continue to march forward even with the peanut gallery worried about being overbought.

9:20am cst. Phone stocks up this morning, VZ and T heading the way.
I purchased  VZ and T last week.  "We  know what we're doing"

12:50pm cst. Eyeballs looking hard at GE. Likely to buy 100 shares either today or tomorrow.

FINANCE in one day correction mode. Great time to buy in.
Dido for AIRLINE stock as no way Oil will stay up.

Before the close, bought 1 BAC 12/30 23.00 call option.

DAL: Started morning off by buying more DAL shares.
Finance stocks start out down today, provides buying opportunity on profit selling.
ADP: My dividend capture play on ADP worked well, sold stock for small profit and locked in the dividend.

BIG nfl football game - Oakland Raiders vs kc Chiefs

Closed out all remaining 12/09  BAC three options , each one with net profit.

9:40am cst  Bought 1 BAC 12/16 option at .64 and opened with 1 sell BAC 12/16 option at .20.
10:35am Bought more BAC shares , now gives me a total of 600 shrs.
Closed WMT near the bell.

Combining the eyeball strategy with JOKER sense brings us to buy 62 shares of ATT  (T), T pays a nice dividend and doing better than expectations with new product Direct TV Now.

9am cst Sold all of SCHB
9:30am  Bought 150 shares NUGT , possible day trade.
Wrong timing on NUGT, sold all for small loss.
10:40am  Bought 7 more shares of PSA.  Goes e-div on 12/12.
11:00am  Bought 50 shares of Verizon VZ  Goes ex-div on 1/6.

Look...Portfolio climbs to intraday $9600.00 profit.

As you might have noticied, we here at Joker Central like guaranteed income and have been playing the dividend Game. Have purchased a number of stocks paying dividendsin near future. At the moment have purchased dividend stocks that have or will pay over $200.00 in the month of Dec alone.

As positions go up, the JOKER solution is to buy more. Bought 4 more shares GS and 15 more shares JPM.
If JPM continues upward today, likely to sell call to open (dec16)

Bought 30 shares SCHB. daytrade likely
Bought more delta air DAL.
Opened  position in Public Storage PSA.(pays dividend this month)

Good day !Our big three - GS, JPM, BAC all up today.

A number of closed out trades made in the last few days are now updated on the portfolio.
Did one another BAC option today .... see portfolio for updates..
Bought 100 shares NUGT.

action this morning....
bought  BAC call options, 1 12/02 22.00 call, 1 12/02 21.50 call
bought   1 12/09 21.50 call, 1 12/09 22.00 call
total cost plus commission for options = 90.94

Bought  20 shares TRV today.

day trade failed on JDST with small loss
Sold 45 shares UAL
Bought 23 more shares JPM
Sold 100 shares BAC for profit.

NOV 30
8:40am cst. Bought 5 more shares of GS this morning
8:50am cst. Bought 115 shares of the finance etf, XLF.

NOV 29
Bought one of our focus stocks today, 30 shares of ADP.
Sold last 2 shares AMZN.

NOV 28 no action today

NOV 25 Sold 4 shrs AMZN
NOV 24 Happy Thanksgiving
Made it to thanksgiving and in a tough market year, portfolio showing $8,400 in profit !
NOV 23
Continuing my stock rotation. Bought 43 shrs Walmart (WMT) this morning.
My eyeballs continue to see strength in Finance/Banking. Bought another 100 shr BAC.
11:20am cst. Bought 10 more shares MCD.

NOV 22
9:00am cst. Bought 2 more shares AMZN.
Airline stocks looking good so far today. I owe two (UAL  DAL).
9:10am cst  Bought 50 shr JDST.
10am Closed JDST daytrade.
Bought 55 shrs of the dividend king stock O (realty income).
11:45am cst  Bought 27 more shares UAL.

NOV 21
Our Eyeball strategy took hold today noticing the strong nasdaq tech section and bought 4 shares of good old friend AMZN (Amazon).
Thanksgiving week.
Time to be in stocks.

NOV 18
Bought DHI this morning.
Bought 5 more shares GS this morning.
Closed out NFLX.

NOV 17
Bought 22 more shares JPM this morning
8:50AM cst  Bought another 100 shares BAC
11:15am cst Bought 45 shares of UAL (did consider LUV but opt for UAL)
SOLD 40 shr JPM for profit.

NOV 16
8:45am cst   Bought 30 shr NFLX.
9:05am cst   Bought 30 shr MCD.
closed daytrade on jdst

NOV 15
Bought 50 shrs AIG today.
Bought NUGT shares today
Bought even more BAC shares today
Sold WFC for profit today.
Daytrade closed on NUGT.
1:15pm cst. Bought 20 more shares JPM.

NOV 14
Portfolio bloats up to 7,800 in profit !
Have limited order to buy AXP American express today at 71.80.
Considering even more BAC Bank of America
Unloaded GOOGL and QQQ.

NOV 12
Portfolio now over 7K.

NOV 11
Veterans day
Correction on SCHA price. Had typo. instead of 52.36, bought 11/10 at 57.36. Also correction on DAL for 11/10. Evidently had a hangover from the trump election won.

With the election over and Trump winning in an upset victory, turnover in favorable and out of favor stocks materialize. Big tech stocks out of favor, Big Bank and Finance red hot. Our portfolio has changed accordingly and without hesitation.

NOV 10
Time to follow the money. Making a number of changes to the portfolio. Getting away from
the high tech stocks, more into the finance and banking and airlines. Sold some of AMZN and GOOGLE,
bought SCHA, SCHB,  DAL, DUST today.
12:45pm CST  Plenty of action today. Sold all of AMZN. Bought WFC and more BAC
1:50pm   Time to follow the money.
2:35PM  Bought 20 shares GS....

8:00AM cst. AMZN, GOOGLE percolating upwards in pre-market trading
Eyeballs checking out JNJ, MCD, and MSFT. ..... and GS

First transaction under President-elect Trump is purchase of  60 shares of JPM (J P Morgan).

I highly recommend buying AMZN , currently underperforming due to the founders' relationship with Trump. AMZN will prevail.. current prices are around 765-766. I already own it or would purchase.

Election day
Market rocking !

OCT 31
Last trading day of the month almost always spooks the market.
Happy Halloween!
AMZN blazing away

OCT 28
GOOGL rock n rolling today. AMZN coming back. NFLX remains strong.

OCT 27
Started a position on Wells Fargo WFC. Bought BAC. Eyeballs remain focus on MSFT and JPM..

OCT 26
AAPL drops down to 113.50 in first hour is super overreaction by market. AAPL will go up.
OCT 25
bought 100 shrs NUGT.
bought more NFLX shares today.
12:30PM cst, Netflix on fire (NFLX)
Sold some PCLN and NFLX near the close today.

OCT 21
Daytrading NFLX brings in net profit.

OCT 20
Bought 50 shares DUST.
Sold part of AMZN
day trade completed. Sold DUST.
Bought more NFLX today.
1:30pm Bought another batch,  even more NFLX
2:55pm cst. Sold part of NFLX.

OCT 19
NFLX continues to show the way.
10:45am cst.  Bought additional PCLN share today.

OCT 17-18
NFLX showing the lead. AMZN back on track, GOOGL continue to shine.
10:00am cst. GOOGL on fire
NFLX: Started a small position on Netflix today.
2pm   GOOGL and AMZN hanging in there. BAC looking good.
2:45pm PCLN bought 2 shares of this high dollar stock.

OCT 12
Sold BABA.
Eyeballs focus on more AMZN and keeping an eye on JPM earnings. Gold up today, cruel Crude Oil down.

OCT 11
Dr. appointment at 9:40am , hell the world and market could change by the time I get out.
Eyeballs focusing heavy on AAPL  ..  JPM   MSFT
11:45am Naturally market went to hell while I was at Dr. office
Bought DUST and AAPL today.
12:10pm  DUST already up nicely. AAPL too.
Doing some daytrading with DUST...see portfolio.

Oct 21.2016 AMZN  Starts music online at 9.99 
Sept 29,2016..AMZN:  Amazon could soon compete with UPS and FedExpress. Stock price 828
Oct 11,2016   AMZN:  Amazon to open grocery stores, curbside service. Stock price  830
Oct 11,2016   AAPL: Samsung halts galaxy phone 7 production, AAPL hits 10-mo high.

OCT 10
Columbus Day: Bought two more shares GOOGL at 814.75 today. (Will not show up on spreadsheet until this evening however).

Most people who work have a retirement plan in a 401k, 403k
The only way to make a profit in these plans is in a bull market as all your money are long stocks or bonds. Self traded investments do not need to be in a bull market to make money as you control everything.
10:10am cst  Bought 30 shrs QQQ which brings total to 100 shrs.
Sold Dust. Sold SCHB. 9:20am rebought 50 shrs DUST. Sold Dust again.

9:05am est Bought 2 more shares AMZN getting back to 8 total.  Sold 100 shrs SCHB
Bought 40 shr DUST today.
Lost  16 lbs since Sept 1st. Need to buy some new belts.
12:45pm cst... Portfolio still hanging with $7,100 profit in third down day in four this week

After going to estate sales for a few years now, I'm come to the conclusion that most in my area do a three day sale with no negotiation. The first day most items are sold at 'ebay' retail or higher. The second day the remaining items are discounted 25%, the third day the discount is 50%. Items that don't sell are typically taken to a local  weekly consignment auction and sometimes many of the items go for next to nothing.
After going to many estates sales and talking to many of the patrons, my conclusion is that most of the buyers in the first hours  are resellers...either those who sell online or resell from antique mall booths or  thrift shops. Some of the higher price items resell at antique shops. Some of the early buyers are those who ship and  sell to resellers in large market areas like New York. Prices in smaller market typically go for less than those in large markets. Large markets have more buyers and hence higher competition which lead to higher prices. Although I think most of the early buyers are savvy, they also fall to the frenzy at the opening and overpay for items that can be purchased online at same or lower prices. Many of the early buys are items such as jewelry, furniture, and art.
There are  items, due to the sheer volume, where the estate doesn't price some  items at retail. These are such items as clothes, books, and vinyl records. There are those who consistently go to those sections and use their smart phones to look up prices and look for steals.
In the future I will give my take on other items selling at estate sale. such as:. non brand glassware, brand name glassware and crystal, figurines, watches, pots and pans,  mugs, past their prime collectibles, vintage signs, photos, military,  tools, upcoming in-demand collectibles, collectible memorabilia (ephermera) such as posters, magazines,vintage documents, toys, etc. ...more to come.
.......   Guns, coins.? ..sorry, don't see these at estate sales normally.

Market opens with purchases of AMZN and NFLX.. ye ole favorites
My DUST daytrade went well yesterday... will do from time to time
9:35am cst  Bought 100 shares of BAC Bank of America
9:35am cst  Sold AAPL Apple
10:15am   AMZN and NFLX already intra-day winners even with commission fee. We know what we're doing !
11:00am NFLX and AMZN continue to hold adult strength. BAC staying even. V, JPM, PCLN doing fine.  AAPL doing nothing on an up market day.  BABA starting to show some movement.

10:10am cst Sold all of AMZN with plan to repurchase at lower levels
10:20am cst  Bought a stock not one of our normal buys,, bought 50 shr DUST !
11:00am cst DUST in the wind continues strong climb..looking at daytrade close later today
12:25pm cst Gold keeps dropping as DUST keeps rising. I like this DUST !
1:45pm  cst Bought 50 more shares of DUST
 Forecast-beating U.S. manufacturing data stoked expectations that the Federal Reserve will lift interest rates which in turn has caused gold to drop and stocks in general.
2:10pm No need to be greedy...sold all DUST with nearly $150.00 one day profit.

A look at 15 stocks

WFC ...Buffet better sell as this dog will continue to drop drop drop. My recommendation is to sell short or buy Put Options
AMZN.. In accumulation mode... smart money buying it up as it continues to  target 1,000 per shr
TSLA.. I am neutral on Tesla... As sales pushes it upwards, I see whiplash on the horizon
NFLX  ....... Very volatile but overall  trend is upwards after poor report
TWTR ........  .... I see somebody buying twitter... high risk high reward
 BABA ..... good time to buy as is in holding pattern..overall trend.. Up
FB .... news of Marketplace hurts Ebay but still see FB as neutral
QQQ ... see a winner for the eighth straight year.. bought each yr in summer and sold late 4th qtr
AAPL ... getting interest from smart money.. one needs a lot of patience with this stock
GOOGL... weak of late but did hit all time high in September. Still has a long ways to go up more.
V ....  Slow but good mover... might accelerate soon. keep eyeballs on it
AZO.. Looked at autozone for awhile but don't see any reason to buy
PCLN..  very likely to buy... just doesn't quit
BIDU ... Always liked the stock but just too erratic, requires near perfect timing...
UA.. Underarmour.. another stock I've liked in the past but hasn't done anything since last May

Beginning of a new month. Portfolio up three straight months, going for four straight
My portfolio sitting on $7,000 profit going into Oct. Let's see what'll it be at the end of October

Are  you a fan of FAN.
F = Facebook  FB
A = Autozone AZO
N = Netflix NFLX
Hell yes, it's Friday ...

A new feature is a list I will be creating of stocks I follow where  news comments could have a lasting bearing on the stock price. Today the following is listed

Sept 29,2016..AMZN:  Amazon could soon compete with UPS and FedExpress. Stock price 828

1:30pm cst bought back AMZN shares.

Closed NFLX and sold some of AMZN. Ready to buy them again on further dip.
Even though the market has been tough the last two months, one day up, one day down, yet my portfolio keeps growing upwards in profit. WE KNOW WHAT WE'RE DOING !

AAPL showing strength..
Sold some of AMZN,  taking profit at all-time high price.

Alphabet (GOOGL). At 19 times earning, growing better than that..considered cheap, talk about buying twitter and turning it into a money maker

Alibaba (BABA). Currently at 107...valued at 135. Growing Sales at a 40% clip!

Amazon (AMZN). Fab web cloud services.. Target shares  at 1,000. Awaiting huge volume this Christmas season

Apple (AAPL). Unbelievable cheap, owns smart phone market, will get tax relief on overseas cash horde.
10:15am cst.. I have a limited order to steal and buy BABA at 106.50. Hope it drops a point to that today.

Bought more shares of AMZN today.
Bought more SCHB.

Some profit taking today... Looking at NFLX making a move.
Watching portfolio grow...
Sold all of BIDU and bought 2 more shrs of GOOGL.

1:15 cst  As FED leaves rates unchanged, sold JPM and bought the BULLDOG BIDU.
10:10 Cst.. Bought 50 shrs JPM at 66.79.

Limit order in on JPM...continuing to look at BIDU and MSFT. Should I get even more AMZN?

Bought 100 shrs SCHB (No commission).

Bought AAPL, sold NFLX for profit.

My eyeballs are now focus on GOOGL. GOOGL among other things started a 2-day delivery service to compete with Amazon's prime. GOOGL is now expanding that service to other cities for 95.00 a year and considering overnight deliveries from such concerns as Costco. One thing needed by GOOGL to really compete is 'something else' in the $95.00 annual fee. That could be a media serivice like NFLX. 

Remain lean and mean. We know what we're doing !

Sold all of FB.
We know what we're doing. Portfolio now lean but mean. In this stage of negativity and
volatility it was decided to keep only a few stocks active. Looking now for great buying opportunities.

Market up and down. Sold NFLX but bought back 40 shares
Bought 30 shrs FB   this morning

Been sitting on sidelines.We know what we're doing.

AUG 31

Ah, the end of August as the most excitingand  beginning part of the season for bulls commence.

AUG 30
Sold all of SBUX and MSFT   for net profit.
Eyeballs focus on AAPL ... if it hits 99 or lower, I'm a buyer


AUG 26
My eyeballs are now fixated on banking stocks.
Added to AMZN position today.
Sold SCHB for $477.00 net profit.

AUG 25
Sold all of UA today, took profit.
Sold part of NFLX taking over $600.00 profit. Likely to buy more later however.
Eyeballs now fixated on MOMO.

AUG 24
SBUX up today. Bought yesterday, we know what we're doing ! 

AUG 23
Bought 55 shrs SBUX
Sold all of GOOGL.. took profits
Bought 5 shrs AMZN....

AUG 22
AMZN , attractive at a lower price,  is on our radar. My eyeballs considering 740 a can't miss.

AUG 19
UA up big today!

AUG 18
nflx looking good in tough market.....my eyeballs continue to  look at UA
bought UA 100 shr 
EYEBALLS NOW SHIFT and look at goldman sachs GS....

AUG 17
Took profit in two positions today: Sold all of AMZN and 50 shrs of AAPL
Will rebuy them at lower price.


Soros sells FB AMZN, NFLX...seriously doing that  before these stocks turn it up in the 4th quarter. Soros, as dumb as it comes, turns senile...selling these stocks when it's actually the time to buy!
..... the the weak and meek sell these stocks on aug 15 causing a down day for them. Watch these stocks perk up.

In the meantime, Warren Buffet doubles up on AAPL. He knows what he's doing!

AMZN will own the Christmas gift buying season and hit the big 1,000 mark !

AAPL will bring out the iphone7 and next year get a massive tax break on the cash horde held in Ireland.

I am keeping my eyeballs open on AMZN and QQQ.

Submitted limited buy orders to purchase UA at 42.00 and QQQ at  117.25 
Bought 50 shr QQQ at 117.25
Bought 20 more shrs NFLX at 95.58
Buy recommendation:  MSFT. I already own 100 shrs but today it is ex-div which allows one to pick up stock at discount.

NFLX hanging around 95. I think between now and the christmas holidays it'll easily get to 105 which means a 1,000 gain for one, like me,  holding 100 shrs.

Aug  15
AAPL:  Ongoing dialogue and rumors surrounding the iphone 7 will drive AAPL stock between now and Sept 16.

MSFT: Goes ex-dividend aug 16

Aug 12

Tough day in the market. Looking at IBM.        

Aug 11
Comments from JOEFA
Has been silent about his QQQ put lost

bought 30 more shares of NFLX.

Day looks bright for our portfolio stocks....

Comment from the peanut gallery.....
Stocks to avoid.. Disney DIS... the disney disease
                              Telsa  TSLA tease
                               BIDU  the bulldog bear

Aug 10
I hope Netflix drops lower. I have a limit order to buy at 91.94
AMZN web services arm continues to print money.
AMZN has over 1 millions customers using it's cloud services.

Comments from the peanut gallery

" "Cloud Computing", by definition, refers to the on-demand delivery of IT resources and applications via the Internet with pay-as-you-go pricing"      from AMZN webservices website

Aug 9 after-hours
JCP. M(Macy's),  KSS, and JWN all worthy of put option action or shorting. Hedge it by going long AMZN.

Aug 8
Comments from the peanut gallery....from Eric Jhonsa Aug 6, 2016
.... In the fast-growing and rapidly changing world of cloud infrastructure services (IaaS) such as cloud computing and cloud storage, Amazon (AMZN) , Microsoft (MSFT) and Alphabet's (GOOGL) Google are quickly distancing themselves from the pack.

My eyeballs see red regarding TSLA. Beware. Also maybe good to short on buy puts on the storefront retail companies reporting this week.

Aug 5
Market finally up today.

Poor JoeJustJoe, sold calls on QQQ and bought QQQ puts. At least he has until aug 12 to recover.

Bought 100 shr UA.. Under Armour taking over Golf business from Nike. Has 3d printed shoes, looking good in Rio. Growing with more jobs in Baltimore.

Aug 4 after hours.

Went to estate sale  and got some inkwells. Had some fountain pens but will go there in the morning to see if still available at 25% off second day. One of the secrets of buying at auctions and estate and garage sales is buying fountain pens. Some of those go for hundreds of dollars on ebay!

Aug 4
Joker JoejustJoe (see comments)  , two in a row winning streak with QQQ. Let' s see if he can make it 3 in a row.

Porfolio continues to climb upwards even in a dismal Dow market

Is TRUMP dead in the water?

FB looking good today.

Aug 3
Is the Trump train...at the end of the line ????
Trump self destructs ..basically over.. The man loses due to EGO.
Clinton in.. 4 more years of crap.. How sad.
In the meantime, the stock market roars. Bears go by the wayside.

Aug 3
..Why I bought MSFT....   MSFT is a different company now with it's cloud revenues. It hit 10 billion and is expected to easily hit 20 billion by 2018. Even other cloud companies, ie GOOGL, IBM, AMZN, salesforce... haven't hit 10 billion yet.

Looks like another down day for the market. AAPL ready to bounce back.
Eyeballs looking at MSFT...

Aug 2
Good morning.
The Joe Joker got lucky with his put qqq  trade, however, smarted it up by now buying qqq calls.
Good move.

Aug 1 after-hours
Poor JoeJustJoe, an old adversary, recklessly buying puts on the mighty Nasdaq as  the
Nasdaq stocks start a new dawn of pricing climbing upwards! ok, maybe good for a one day strategy but long term it's murder.
Icahn in tears as the buffoon, Warren Buffet, laughing his a** off with his boatload of AAPL stock..
CLOUD stocks in huge bull market.... AMZN, MSFT, GOOGL
Stocks my eyeballs are looking at : MSFT   UA   V

Aug 1
August is a hot month...so will be the market. Bears Beware!
July 29
GOOGL showing adult strength.

July 28 afterhours

July 28
AMZN  sold 5 shrs, holding  the rest
FB sold part of holdings (80 shrs) today taking advantage of spike
AMZN on a move today prior to earnings reporting. Might sell part  today, still thinking
GOOGL pushing upward
                                                             AMAZING AMAZON

July 27 after hours
FB blows past expectations...rocking in after-hours trading

July 27
Bought Alphabet-google (GOOGL)
July 20 -
mid morning report... NFLX on the move, AAPL hits 100  again .... AMZN pushing hard this week to make 750... MSFT trending upwards

MSFT now making money on it's traditional products ....but more importantly ,,,,,kicking it up on it's Cloud services!  Bought 100 shares  today.

Comment:  One comment I received here is that instead of buying an order of OREX this person is buying an  odor of OREX... Smells sometimes  take one I guess !

July 19 afterhours....
BUYING during panic modes are highly profitable... for example.. the greek crisis, the british exit, and now NFLX price increase... people are not going to stop watching media.. they didn't during the 1920's depression and they are not now.

July 19
NFLX in panic sell today,,, time to buy.. Bought 50 shrs. Could drop lower but will come back way over 85 per share.  Fools think it's the end of the world for Netflix... how dumb.

July 14
" Today's Bears are the Dumb Money, The pessimists are continually proven wrong"
John Persinos


Whatever happen about the Britexit  problem... wasn't that suppose to be the end of the economic world? LOL

July 10 - evening

TSLA ceo Musk speaks out about announcing a secret plan this week for Tesla.
UA about to denote partners to raise shareholder equity.

July 8 after hours

Now up over $2,200..... and away we go!

July 8
Intra-day portfolio up over $2,000 and climbling !

Always ahead of Bears and Joker Joe's of the world.
AMZN weaklings who sold last Tuesday are STILL in tears....
Looking at a few new stocks to buy... stay tuned
Bought some more AAPL today at 96.64...between now and Christmas holiday, AAPL easily will go over 100...  Dividend will pay for commission.
Market up today regardless of terrible violence and Clinton reopening of investigation by State Dept.

July 1
Prediction was Dow advancing over 500 points one day this week. Instead advanced over 500 in a three day period. In other words, about the same.
New prediction.
 Amazing AMZN hits the 730 mark by end of next week