Pushing on Tuesday : The FED speaks

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Tuesday  Market

Markets expecting dovish tone from FED


"You’re riding high in April,
Shot down in May.
But I know I’m gonna change that tune,
When I’m right back on top in June."
 Frank Sinatra "That's Life"



The stock market is simply the result of many people trying to make money on their investments.

The Daily Log  
08:40m cst    Today the FED comes out and speaks. One of my cardinal rules (see list on right column) is Don't Fight the Tape, Don't Fight the FED !
Bought 150 shrs of CAR and added to SPLV today.

Back from a mini-vacation and received over 200 pagehits yesterday. Thanks for all for coming back.  I've only been here for a month...starting month 2. Again thanks.

8:44am  Bought another 100 shr of SCHX (non commission trade). This will be a daytrade.

9:00am   Folks, at my own site, they wanted me to show all trades. I do a lot of daytrading on occasion with non-commission equities allowed by my broker. I just closed SPLV as the direction changed. I plan on showing these unless it gets too cluttered.

9:25am  Without trying to guess about the FED results today, am buying non-commission etf's that I can sell right away if need be. Bought SCHH. (a reit etf).

9:30am Some days we inactive , some days we're really active. This is one of those days. As you know, I like trading in and out on XONE. XONE moving up in last hour.  Did it again today.
It's me again, the XONE lady.

10:00am  Was 100% in cash on Monday, not anymore. Added to positions on TRW and CAR.

10:22am OK, this should be it for the morning buying rush, bought STX.
Did you really buy those stocks, sonny ?
Yes, ma'am I have.
10:55am cst    DOW up 121, decided to take profit on 200 shr SCHX.
10:58 am   Added to winner GE, 100 shrs. Our rule #5  When you have a winning stock, buy more of it and add to position. LET YOUR PROFITS RIDE
11:02 Awaiting FED statement tomorrow, considering putting sell limits on stocks with profits in order to follow another rule "never let a profit become a loss'.
11:04am  cst.. Not even noon yet and over 100 pagehits, thanks again.
11:15am XONE trying to break out over the 53ish mark for the fourth time in 5 sessions.
11:30am  Currently have 7 stocks active in our portfolio with two etf's.
11:59am  Our rules tell me to , on a day like today, to ADD TO POSITION. Added another 100 shr to SE. Those of you who have followed me for a month now, might see my strategy. I don't ever want to take a chance on a big loss so I get out earlier when the market turns against me. I add to positions when the market is with me.
12:10pm  Pulled out of BAC... not doing much.
12:50pm  Not liking SE's movement. Sold all. Never let a profit become a loss!
12:57pm  PDM.. Like this stocks movement today. Bought 300 shares.
1:09pm  Currently holding 6 stocks in portfolio along with 2 ETF's.
1:11pm  Got my old friend, DXD, in the backburner in case the market turns direction.
1:28pm As indicated on stocktwits, doing a quick in and out on GY
1:33pm  Not in love with any stock, closed out XONE.
1:45pm  I'm ready to push the sell buttons. Many times on an up market day, the trend turns down the last hour. Will check closely the next 15-20 minutes. Still  got DXD in my hip pocket.
The Last Hour
2:05pm Right on schedule. Market dropped immediately at 2pm CST. Let's see what happens
2:09   Still not moving up. Sold SCHX (non commission etf). 
2:13  DOW down about 20 points in last 20 minutes. Ready for DXD.
2:15  Closed GY, bought DXD.
2:17pm Buttons being pushed. Sold PDM.
2:25pm Dow back up to over 150 for the day.
2:30pm  30 more minutes to go. let's see, where's that sell button. Oh here it is, sold CAR.
2:38pm  Ok time to lock in some profit, sold 300 Shrs GE.
2:43pm  Looking ahead for tomorrow, bought 100 shr CHE.
2:49pm  XLS   ..Bought in for tomorrow
2:53pm  As stated earlier, closed daytrade on SCHH (no commission etf)
2:56pm Last transaction for the day, closed out hedge etf DXD, paid for itself even after commission.
3:05pm  Session closed. Portfolio up $1670.00 at our one month anniversity, even after some rough late May and early June market sessions.
Hit a record number of visitors today according to the pageview counts. Thanks everyone. I have a full time job so I won't be able to be as detailed as I was today but we'll blog each and every day.
Have a good rest-of-the-day !


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Heniski    Sunset



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