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Monday Market

Could the market be heading downward ?

"You’re riding high in April,
Shot down in May.
But I know I’m gonna change that tune,
When I’m right back on top in June."
 Frank Sinatra "That's Life"



The stock market is simply the result of many people trying to make money on their investments.

 The daily log - Updated ongoing throughout the day
 Hi everybody, back from a few days in the Missouri Ozarks. About as far away as one can get from the hustle and bustle of the stock market.
Speaking of the Market, overall market direction the last two weeks is down. It was good I decided to 'clear the deck' on my stock holdings. I'll start anew on Monday.
The enemy of the 10 stock axioms I follow (see them at the column to the right) is Whiplash. Whiplash occurs when the market is volatile, goes down  big one day and then goes up big the next and visa versa. However, over a period of  time, following the rules of Price, Current trend, and overall Market Direction, this strategy wins over the occurances when Whiplash rises it's ugly head.  
I am working on putting together a portfolio of major stock guru's and see how their stocks perform. I think this is will show their top holding and most recent public major purchases and see how well they perform over time. Don't worry, I will continue to display my real portfolio account.
8:00am   Put in order to buy 150 shr SPLV. (note this is an non-commissioned trade for me provided by my broker). 
8:50am   As noted on stocktwits, bought 100 shr LEN

11:40am cst.  OK, liking TRW's trend as it hits an all-time high. In for 100 shrs, might be a day trade

11:45am cst.  Got back into an old friend, GM for 300 shares. Sold SPLV. I pay no commission on SPLV, will likely buy back after the dip today.

11:50am  Another favorite is XONE. Waiting for a spot to get in...might have to wait all day, hope not.
The XONE girl returns

11:55am   Taking a look at the portfolio, up about $1300 after one month of real trading.
11:59am   Oh well, why not, 200 shrs on XONE.  
12:05 OK one more before lunch... then we sit back and enjoy the action. 250 shrs SE as it hits all time high today before falling back.
12:30pm Building up the portfolio today, in for 40 shr NFLX.. might be daytrade.
12:45pm   Are you winning today ?
1:30pm  Direction down.. DXD 500 shr. Haven't sold anything yet today.
2:15pm  Market continues to shift downward, sold LEN and NFLX at a 1% loss (First loss is your smallest and best loss). In the meantime DXD continues to move. Pushed out XONE as well.
2:30pm   Got what I wanted out of DXD (Hedge bet against the longs). Closed out, never want to keep this one overnight.
2:36pm  As I said I would at 11:45am, rebought SPLV  150 shr.
2:42pm   Finally decided to show my normal daytrade stock vehicles, the SCHx series of etf's that I get at no commission from my broker. Just bought 200 shr SCHX.


...In case you would like to follow our stock trades up to the very minute. I try to 'print' the trade within a minute or seconds on 'Stock Twits' (STOCKTWITS.COM) before I update them on here. You can follow me on stock twits by going to and signing in (it's free). Then follow ROBMARKETBLIND.




I just love this picture, might keep it here forever


Most beautiful towns series
Eureka Springs, Arkansas


Bern, Switzerland




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Painter/Painting/photo  of the Day


Unknown artist
Old Prague - Jan Minarik (1862 - 1937 )








Claudia Cardinale - a favorite

                                Sun on Your Face by Paolo Scarano






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If the right car does turn out to be an appreciating asset, any later sale is not subject to capital gains tax.

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Gloria Swanson





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