Animals of Wall Street -for a July weekend



The stock market is full of dangerous animals, seriously !




Unlike the San Diego zoo with it's pandas, unlike the DC zoo with it's snakes and wolfs, and unlike the party animals at some of our state universities, Wall Steet has it's own animals lurking about. It's a zoo out there when it comes to investing, and like any zoo there are quite a few species to be found down on the Wall Street menagerie.


A Dead Cat Bounce means that even a dead cat will bounce a bit if it falls off the fence. In stock trading terms it means, ..don't get encouraged if a stock goes up a little after a very hard fall.


High-risk investors looking for the one big score in a short period of time. Also used by pump & dump marketeers who go about ' putting some lipsick on this pig'.


Dogs of the Dow. An investment strategy that calls for buying the 10 Dow stocks with the highest yield.


SPDRS (pronounced spiders) enables investors to participate in the price performance and divident yield of the Standard & Poor's 500 index by purchasing shares at a price equal to roughtly 10% of the value of this index. Be careful spiders wrap their prey up in their web.


Any investment that nobody wants because it is unprofitable


One piece of bad news can open a can of worms for other bad news. Bad news tends to be released in bunches which holds that, if you see one cockroach in your hourse, you have to assume there are many more lurking unseen.


A squirrel is a perfect metaphor for a small-cap company. Squirrels, like good small-cap companies, are nimble, efficient, and adaptable. They are quick to avoid danger. They can thrive in small niches that most don't even think to look in. And if they do get in trouble, they can outrun their larger predators or quickly change directions. However, of course, not all squirrels survive.


We all heard of boiler room sharks. Enough said!



Those who refuse to fulfil their contracts.

And of course...the Wall Street Zoo is abundent with BULLS and BEARS

Do any of you Whale Watch (Icahn, Soros, Buffet) ?

Have any of you read the stock books titled "Way of the Turtle" and 'The Black Swan"?


 This type  simply listens and follows others for financial advice and runs with the 'herd'.   A sheep can be eaten by a bull or bear if it is not in the right place in the market.

A little bird told me that this certainly isn't a complete list. I hope you didn't get goose bumps reading this. There's a frog in my throat so I will end this now. If you know other animals, let's get it straight from the horse's mouth and please let us know about it in this round robin.

Do you want to win on Wall Street?  Beware,  the  menagerie is loose.  One  needs to be 'smart as a fox'.

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