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Hello all of you in Blog land. Here at Rob the flea Markets Blind, I also take the position of writing about the fun and enjoyment of  the 'treasure hunting' at garage, estate, thrift, and stores looking for bargains that can be resold for a gain. At this point in my life, unlike other blogs of this type, I do it for fun and amusement. In the years ahead when I retire, I might do it for profit. How it's just a fun hobby.
It's just purely amazing how one's junk is another's treasure or need. 
Do you sell  on Ebay ? 

Hey you cats out there, did you jump going to garage  sales ,



Winning is grabbing momentum, profiting from it and then releasing it

A winner must be willing to  embrace change and  welcome challenge. The biggest “fear,” if there is  one, is not of the unknown, but of becoming complacent and stagnant. An environment of change and even uncertainty can energize a mentally strong person and bring out their best. 

A winner is willing to take calculated risks. This is a different thing entirely than jumping headlong into foolish risks. But with mental strength, an individual can weigh the risks and benefits thoroughly, and will fully assess the potential downsides and even the worst-case scenarios before they take action

The Daily Log

As followers of this blog knows, I tend to write about estate sales from time to time.
I plan to write stories about my finds and gains on  this on a more frequent basis from this point on.

Monday Monday, May 19

Have a good day, see you tomorrow.

Friday, May 16 leftovers
Found a few things yesterday, bought some books, found a great Mickey Mouse watch, more on that in a later blog. Was highly tempted to get an Charles Kimbell oil painting but couldn't find a going price for it online.

Todays Hint...

One of the things to look for is Vintage Corkscrews. One can find these at  next to nothing at estate sales and they go fast on Ebay.

More later. As I transition over  to the 'treasure hunting' aspects, I will be showing my Catching Fire portfolio here from time to time but not on a daily basis.

                                                                               You, you, you need to rake
               Do I rake ?


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