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The stock market is simply the result of many people trying to make money on their investments.

You're not in a contest to see how many picks you got right. Your goal and objective is to have a winning overall profit.


Price, Trend, Market Direction

With today's ability to access the stock market immediately via the various products available (PC, smart phone, internet access, ipad), very few people can use the excuse that they don't have access to the market during session hours.

This allows one the ability to trade online fast and easy during the day.... and more importantly to follow the Big Three ( Price, Trend, and Market direction).

 Really, that's all one needs to be successful in today's market.

There's no need to do any other 'homework' on stocks. For every positive article about a particular stock, there's probably a negative one. There's someone in the market that can read up and analyze  the fundamentals better than you. There's someone in the market that can follow technical analysis better than you. There's plenty in the market place that can analyze all the leading indicators better than you. However, if one can follow the market closely day in and day out and concentrate on Price, Trend, and Market Direction, one can be as good as the next guy. ...and more importantly..make winning profitable trades.

Oh yes. If you purchased Warren Buffet's stocks, one might  have made a lot of money..IF YOU BOUGHT and HELD stocks IN 1959!. If you bought in the last decade, NOT SO GOOD.

Oh yes. If you follow someone's top 10 or top 50 for the month (such as MSN money's top 50) you might have beaten the SP 500 index IF YOU BOUGHT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE STOCKS. If you bought one or three or five, it's a crap shoot.

Oh yes. If you follow the various stock guru's portfolios and trades, the best you can do is see what they did AT LEAST THREE MONTHS AGO. You would not know what they are doing now which could be selling the stocks they bought three months ago!

Oh yes. If you follow the portfolios and trades of Hedge Fund managers, you will find out that a Monkey picking stocks randomly  (pointing to stocks on a board) did better than the majority of hedge fund managers and that most hedge fund managers FAIL to beat the sp 500 index.

Oh yes. Trading on insider's buys and sells is pointless. First it is announced days or weeks after the fact and, second,  you don't have a clue why they are buying or selling. Also don't try to get too close to an insider. Trading from prison is difficult.

Sun Tzu (The Art of War) once said that you cannot enter into alliances unless you know the plans of your neighbors. Comparing that to stock market alliances; piggybacking on what Guru's and hedge funds manager did over three months ago or what Buffet did 20 years ago is a receipe for disaster.

HOWEVER, if you follow the Mightymo rob the market's blind strategy you will likely make money consistently month in and month out. There are very few axioms you need to follow. Here's are my MAJOR stock market axioms.

1. If the stock you purchased is going the wrong way, YOUR BEST AND SMALLEST LOSS IS YOUR FIRST LOSS (cut your losses short)

2. As best as you can, the market can be very volatile, NEVER LET A PROFIT BECOME A LOSS (sell before it drops below your cost basis)

3. Be on the lookout for stocks hitting their first 52 week high or all time high. The chances are excellent it will continue to hit new highs. BUY WHEN A STOCK HITS IT'S FIRST HIGH. A STOCK'S FIRST HIGH IS USUALLY IT'S LOWEST HIGH

4. Don't hesitate selling a stock if the trend has changed or market direction has changed. DO IT FAST.

5. When you have a winning stock, buy more of it and add to position. LET YOUR PROFITS RIDE.

6. IF you are in a position where you can't watch the market, sell your positions. One can always buy back the stocks. (On Friday, as I documented in my last posting, I had to be away from the market for half a day. I sold all my positions except one. The market went on to take a 200 point drop. I got out before the drop -as documented-)

7. Do take advantage of market irrationability. There are excellent opportunities when this happens. I will be relating these opportunities in future postings. It is the basis for the ROB the Markets Blind portion of my strategy.

8. Avoid people who are overly negative on the market. They don't make money consistently and you won't either. (Joe Granville was negative on the market for ten years (1990-1999) during one of the best 10 year bull stretches in history).

9. You're not in a contest to see how many picks you got right. Remember you goal is to make an overall profit.

 The daily log
7:25am         Will be back later this morning. Stay tuned.
8:50am           Had breakfast at McDonald's. Thought about buying a Big Mac later today. In the meantime, bought 100 shr MCD.
10:25am    Liking what I see out of GM, purchased another 150 shrs.

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Most beautiful towns series


Riquewihr, France














A woman awakens one day to discover her mountain cabin has been separated from the rest of the world by an invisible wall

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"Did you hear the one about the guy who shorted the market"



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Invest in a classic car that is certain to appreciate in value  


If the right car does turn out to be an appreciating asset, any later sale is not subject to capital gains tax.

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So excited about finding this picture! It was during the war and nylons were giving to the soldiers. Women painted their legs or drew stocking seams on the back of their legs to stay “fashionable” and lady-like.
It shows that women will do anything to keep up appearances.

Lauren Bacall - aged 19

Back in the day - Drink and Smoke

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