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The stock market is simply the result of many people trying to make money on their investments.

That said, in momentum investing  my  criteria is  Price .....but that has to be only a consideration. A bigger context is making decisions is based on market direction and trend.

The market direction always follows the Federal Reserve actions and the Fed Chairman’s comments.

My approach has always been to ignore the predictions and forecasting from the market media and tune in to the music from the Federal Reserve and stay with the trend. I have found out after a very long experience in the stock market,  is to never fight the FED.

As you all know, the FED implemented a process  to rescue the US economy from the brink of a depression starting in 2008. It consisted of buying bonds and risky assets to pump money into the economy. It has been known as QE. Even with all the criticism , the economy has managed a recovery with  unemployment  declining, with the economic numbers  pointing to further expansion and the housing market has definitely improved.
That said, the FED came out last week hinting of a reduction in the QE liquidity. This spooked the markets. The FED didn't say this was going to happen. The question now for a lot of investors is whether this is a turning point in stock market direction or just a “bump in the road".

Although I consider the market still available for a momentum market strategy, I will also turned to the RobtheMarketBlind original methodology of a conservative strategy of low risk reward trading  and capital preservation. This is what we did 2-3 years ago before the big wave of a roaring bull market. It was extremely successful in a bearish or sideways market. However, although profitable, it did not maximize profits in a roaring bull market.

As such, I will add the RTMB portfolio to this blog site along with the MightyMO momentum portfolio. The RTMB portfolio is quite different and I will need some time to set up properly here. I use quite a bit of Options trading , mostly writing Puts and Calls, and I need to display it here where it makes sense.

That said, we came on here two weeks ago with a preview demonstrating our momentum strategy. Since then our visitors to this site has increased immensely from a token few to over 100 visitors per day. To be fair to the new visitors, I will start a new momentum portfolio starting June 1 showing my trades as near to real time as it happens. I will carry just under 100,000 of money to trade.

 Some of you have asked for my thoughts prior to purchasing a stock. I am considering providing an alert list via email mail. However, in order to provide this  effort along with keeping up a blog site and also on stock twits, I will need to charge a fee for the service to be paid via paypal. That is only fair, isn't it. My blog here is and always will be free.


Warren Buffet - at the annual shareholders meeting May, 2013

Ah, now that I'm in my  80's, truth can be told.   I haven't paid you one single penny in dividends. But If you got into berkshire early on and kept it, you would be rich yourself.

Our stock portfolio listings will return when the market opens next Tuesday.

Costco reports this Thursday. The stock has been a strong performer in 2013 and is in a strong up trend. however, it's two major competitors (Walmart Sam's, and Target) have come in with disappointing numbers.


 Home prices soaring. Home buyers are paying more for newly built homes as U.S. home builders continue pushing up prices and limiting the number of properties hitting the market. Home sales will be reported on May 30.

 8:20am   Hi, hope you all had a good weekend. My portfolio was doing quite well until last week. I broke some of my own rules. The main ones is to 'never let a profit turn into a loss" and you're 'best loss is your first loss'. Also I said I was only going to show stocks in my portfolio listing. I also do a number of daily/swing trades with ETF's and options. I will not show those any longer, so I will kept to my original plan of showing only stocks.
9:25am  Along stock watching today, had to chase it a litte bit but think longer run, GM has a long run to make. As indicated on stocktwits, bought 150 shr 34.12. This was my spotlight stock as indicated over the weekend (see bottom of this posting).
11:21am VOYA and XONE are stocks I've been following. As indicated on stocktwits earlier today, bought 150 shr 27.21.
11:25am Want to thank all my visitors today. This site had over 100 visits within two hours of the market open. This is the first time with that many visitors before noon! Thanks again everyone.
12:21pm  An additional note. As stated here earlier today and also stated in my blog posting on May 11 where I discussed  the stock portfolio, I indicated that only STOCKS will be displayed in the public portfolio. Last week, I made a mistake of adding ETF's. They have been taken off. I hope this clarifies a possible confusion. Some of my ETF's were losers but most were winners this month. I do some daytrading in these depending on market direction and trend.
12:51pm  Time for lunch. Market sliding down, time to take minor losses on two stocks. these were noted as they happened on stocktwits. Sold all of HPQ and STX.
Will be looking to buy when I come back from lunch. Over 150 pagehits here  today, looking to break a daily record.
2:55pm  Market about to close. Got in TRIP 100 shr at 64.03
3:10pm  Made a paper profit of  $183.00 with VOYA today. I'll take it. need it to offset some minor losses. Down $24.00 on GM and up $27 with TRIP. Just couldn't pull the trigger on TSLA.
I did a few ETF index day trades today with SCHA, SCHB and SPLV. I have it on a spreadsheet comparing against the SP 500. No, don't have the time to make it public here, sorry.




 Come on, you can  have a drink with me
 Weee, me too!

..or maybe I can tut you in bed and  read you a story

...In case you would like to follow our stock trades up to the very minute. I try to 'print' the trade within a minute or seconds on 'Stock Twits' (STOCKTWITS.COM) before I update them on here. You can follow me on stock twits by going to stocktwits.com and signing in (it's free). Then follow ROBMARKETBLIND.


Person of the day

25 year old Russian Model - Irina Shayk

"Russia is a very big country populated with people of many origins, so you can find many different types of beauties—not only of the so-called Slavic type, but also Brazilian-looking, Asian-looking"  



Most beautiful small  town in America....

After a 5-month long nationwide competition, Bardstown, Kentucky was named the 'Most Beautiful Small Town in America" in the Best of the Road Competition sponsored by Rand McNally and USA Today. By the way, it's the bourbon capital of the USA.



 Alyssa Miller




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 57 chevy 

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The final word:
Three stocks on my watch list for WEDNESDAY. MON, GWRE, and  TBT. ...special spotlight is on GE (General Electric)

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