CERN : One can be CERtain for Cerner. More insider buying.

                                                TSLA (tesla)  : To be or not to be?

Morgan Stanley  holds an Overweight rating and a $280 price target on the stock, said a "buying opportunity" exists for investors. "Who would you rather give $1.5 billion to invest in 2015: Elon Musk or your average auto company?" 
"The answer is clear, "If the Model X launches in August and does the things we think it can do, we believe this stock can set new highs by year end."
Tesla's current all-time high is $291.42

Feb 20 - Friday

Among items purchased at the auction last night, picked up a Missouri University  2002 tiger mascot bobblehead. Picked it up for $5.00. Going to put it on the internet for $89.00. One thing about bobbleheads, sport team mascot bobbleheads are in demand. They are normally produced in limited quantity and usually sell for more than the actual team player bobbleheads.

After my write-up on TSLA last evening, bought TSLA at the open this morning. Only bought 25 shares, now wish had bought more.

Feb 19 - Thursday

Close of business today, the MockingJay portfolio showed nearly a $7,000 gain for the year. Being 7 weeks into YTD, that puts us around a thousand dollar gain per week!

Bought SCO this morning. Sold right away  for 1.50 profit. Going to estate sale and this is too volatile to not watch.

Feb 18 - Wednesday
DIS is one of the 'eight wonderful recommendations' for 2015 which I announced here on Jan 2. (see below for the 8). I bought DIS on Jan 2 for 93.64 and it is now more than 10 points higher near 104.

DIS... Bought more Disney this morning. Huge 2015 movie lineup, almost guaranteed to make a bundle of money.  Coming out very soon is AVENGERS 2.. The first one was the third most largest grossing revenue producing film ever. Later in the year, the hugely awaited  STAR WARS which already many predicted will be the highest volume selling movie of all time. In between there are a number of potential mega hits.. such as the first PIXAR movie in awhile. All PIXAR movies have been profitable. DIS has done extremely well with it's MARVEL superhero movies and a new one on the way in 2015 is ANT-MAN. Then a DIS science fiction flick with George Clooney titled TOMMORRLAND. 

Sold SCHH today. One that didn't pane out. Portfolio still showing over 6K gain.

NFLX  remains my biggest winner so far in 2015 with over a $1,000 gain.

Feb 17 - Tuesday

Went to the most expensive antique mall in the area today and found a great buy, a rustic white framed wall art  with six glassed painted roosters.

Feb 16- President's day

Market closed

Feb 14 - Saturday

Portfolio ends week up to $6,100 in gains.

Feb 13

9:00am cst. My portfolio continues to over $5700 profit YTD.

...Have done well lately with my auction and estate sale purchases. Picked up some art works by Thomas Kinkade and  Marcel Bromine (French cubism) among others.
Also picked up some vintage military and auto racing  black white snapshot photos.

Planning a late March trip to florida... going to look for early retirement places ... thanks to my large  holdings in AAPL as have purchased ongoing since 2009.

CERN:  Currently up over $900 in our CERN transactions.  CERN hits intra-day all time high!

AON: Started position, a little speculative but with our consistent gains, willing to  give it a shot. Insider's buying, AON president just purchased more stock as indicated in lastest filing.

Feb 12

Hi everybody and friends from stocktwits....

My major holding, both public and private, is AAPL. I have been a holder of AAPL since 2009 and continue to add to position from time to time. Today we bought an additional 50 shares at 126.40. 

I also closed two items not performing as expected, CELG and LUV. It's all about Portfolio Management and not Stock Picking. What counts at the end of the day is your total profits or losses. If you lose $200 on a stock but make $600 on another, you're an overall winner. Last year, my public Catching Fire portfolio netted an overall 35% gain. This year, my MockingJay portfolio is exceeding that ratio.

Feb 11


Please note that the technical issues with the display of the MockingJay portfolio has been resolved. It is now back up here. No new additions have been added since the last time it appeared here. I did sell INDA on Feb 10 but I believe it was available here before the technical problems. Also it is no longer at the bottom of the blog but right after the Feb 11 log.

CERNER (cern)

I'm not certain how the market will react to CERN's quarter report but if the share price is down, I plan to buy more of it. CERN, one of our 2015 recommendations reported it s best year ever  in new business bookings. CERN's 4th quarter reached an all-time high in bookings of $1.16 billion. CERN bookings is the amount of business under contract. CERN expects an even stronger 2015 after buying Siemens software product called Soarian.  


 The good people at Fortune have published a report showing how poorly the 'experts' were in setting price targets on Apple (AAPL). I will summarized some of it here for your reading enjoyment.

By far the dumbest is  from Adnaan Ahmad of the German bank Joh. Berenberg, Gossler & Co. He’s been telling his clients to sell Apple since June 9, 2014. His last target was last September where he set the target at 60 per share. This was prior to Apple’s December quarter  announcement — the most profitable in the history of capitalist ! I wonder if anyone is following his AAPL advice now!

Warren Buffet's  favorite bank, Wells Fargo, had their top analyst, Maynard Um, boldly predict a target of 110. the 'renouned' Deusche Bank target came to a high of 110 as well. Pacific crest bolted out a 98 maximum price target. Morningstar somehow came in at a target of 120. BGE partners stated a target of 103. 

That said, their are several who faithfully see better share prices for AAPL. Among them is Pipper Jeffery at 135. Barclays capital at 150. JP Morgan at 140. Credit Suisse at 140.

However, they are ALL too Low.  Now that AAPL has broken to a new closing high, I fully expect the 'Pros' to come up with upgraded new targets. Of course, the one person, a man who become a billionaire trading in the stock market, and who has made money consistently in the market place, Carl Icahn, has an AAPL  target of 212. 

Hay hay hay.... hello MockingJay !


Feb 10

INDA... Pulled out of it today... too slow and boring
NFLX.. Silly news by JP Morgan.. cuts NFLX target from $511 to $509.. two measly bucks.. seriously ! NFLX still up for the day.
Disney news: Live Cinderella movie coming to imax.. new spiderman movie in works.
Will AAPL top 120 at closing ? Will it hit it's all-time closing high?

Feb 9

Gone fishing instead of playing the market today.

Feb 6th

My MockingJay portfolio continues to perform well, now over $5,000 gain YTD.

Yesterday, at auction and estate sales... bought a Thomas Kinkade art work for $20.00 and then went on Ebay and saw the same item for $2,999. Actual market worth through is more like $250.  Also bought a Buck O'Neil bobble head... I collect a few of these, got it for $10, value about $25 in my area. Also collect black and white vintage photographs. Ended up getting a full photo book and also a box of photos at auction for around $30.00. Probably a couple hundred pics in all. Most of it is military and 1940's pictures. Found some full pictures of late 1940's TWA airplanes. These were actually snapshots, not post cards. The TWA pictures go for  $10.00 a pop. Found some pics of girls in 1940's swimsuits. These sell easily also.

Stocktwits fans... nice dialogue with Roger yesterday.

Health Care stocks did well yesterday. Pfizer's big acquisition.

Making plans to go to Florida next month to check out living locations.
First on list is Melbourne, might also hit Coco Beach. Orlando is not an option.

Feb 5th

AAPL hit intra-day all time high of  120.23 and closed at 119.94.

Started new position with MasterCard MA. Bought 50 shares.

Nice to see all the 'hits' from my stocktwits fans. DIS was one of our seven recommendations for 2015. So far it is panning out quite well. There's a lot more to come from DIS in 2015, as expectations from Park revenues to be increased in a robust economy, more revenue from higher fees from ESPN, and of course the great lineup of Disney movies for 2015 including the marvel series and first Disney star wars movie.

NFLX remains our best performing stock in 2015.


Jan 28 - Wednesday leftovers

The small turmoil in early January regarding  AAPL is now over. Expect AAPL to continue to make gains going  forward.

I continue to believe in the recommendations made at the beginning of the year. So far they have worked very well as noted on my MockingJay portfolio.

There are traditional strategies in building a stock and equity portfolio. There are also other strategies. One is buying momentum and growth (what I basically did with my public portfolio in  2014 named 'Catching Fire'. It did very well, bringing in a net gain of 35% for the year.
This year I changed my public portfolio stragey twofold using: (1) the strategy of following  macro-trends and (2)  the event-driven strategy (forseeing future events and seeing changes in a given company to make it better for shareholders (such as what an activist does)). This is generally what I am doing in my public portfolio for 2015 named 'MockingJay'.

It can be seen in the following examples.

1. Following the strong dollar trend (example UUP)
2. Following the fall of oil prices trend (examples DTO, SCO)
3. Following possible buyouts (event-driven example NFLX)
4. Following the REIT trend (SCHH)
5. Following the bio-tech trend (USA more lenient in approving new products, new advances in technology  (BIB)
6. Following the airline profitability trend (managing seat miles, finding new ways of getting revenue (fees), and the major bonus of lower fuel costs) Examples LUV, AAL
7. Following AAPL - event-driven with new product cycle

My recommendations (entered Jan 1)  :  'Eight Wonders of the stock/equity world for 2015'

1. Certain with CERN

CERN (Cerner)
You can be certain with Cerner !
Since the dark days of 2008, CERN has gained at a 37% average clip per year. For SIX strainght years CERN has gained in share price value. MockingJay will purchase CERN  the first trading day of 2015 where you can watch it grow during the year in our MOCKINGJAY public portfolio.

2009 - Gained for year........ 114%
2010 -                                   14,91
2011 -                                   29.30
2012 -  soared at a gain of   26.55
2013 - Surged upwards        49.82%
2014 - pale in comparison   18.59%


Although the talkin head market analysts in the media and on the internet have told you that a floor has been hit on OIL, I, and mostly likely, I alone, have told you that OIL prices will continue to drop. They will drop unti someone blinks.. and so far no one is blinking on reducing OIL. In fact, the almighty USA will INCREASE OIL PRODUCTION in 2015. 

There's a number of ways to play the oil price drop. Buy inverse oil ETF such as DTO  or SCO. In two trading days, I am up over $1,300 net gain in my purchase of SCO on Jan 2 (see public MockingJay portfolio).

3.  The Almighty Dollar

The USA economy gained in 2014 and will gain again in full force due to a number of factors, one being the low cost of Oil will allow those corporations that have high fuel costs to make a killing (think airlines). The dollar currency is gaining against the failed Russian ruble and the weak EURO.  There's a number of ways to play the STRENGTH OF THE DOLLAR , one way is to buy index funds or etf related to the gain of the dollar. I like UUP.


Even if the price of Oil was at $100 per barrel instead of low 50's, the airlines are flying high in profit earnings... as they learned to stop competing among themselves and to rob the customer blind, charging them for every little bitty thing. Take your pick of airline stocks, buy a couple. winner winner chicken dinner!


The top media company on earth owns a number of golden nuggets, such as the Marvel franchise, EPSN, Pixel, and now the STAR WAR franchise. The Disney Star Wars movie out later in 2015 now expected to be the top grossing movie OF ALL TIME ! 

6.  STARBUCKS - The smell of money

What can you say about a CEO that smells not only money in coffee beans but takes the top margins of his products. No price is too high for starbuck products. They expanding into other products such as liquor, another massive high margin product. They're selling overpriced pastries... and the customer love it as they get robbed blind by the price.  Buy the stock and enjoy the smell of money!

7. BIO tech stock

The major BIO tech stocks are making oodles of money as there were more government approvals of new products in 2014 than ever before. The best way to play BIO's is to do the 'Run and Up'. As new products get tested and before it is announced if it got approval or before  the earnings report, sell the stock but BUY THE RUNUP!

8. REITs

Buying a REIT is like buying real estate without the hassles and cost. If you think real estate is a good buy, buy a REIT. REITs need to pay 90% of their profits in dividends and go up in price when rates are low.

Jan 2

Starting anew in 2015 with the MockingJay portfolio showing our initial recommendations .


Dec 31 left overs

The MOCKINGJAY portfolio will start fresh and anew showing only active stocks in 2015 and only those closed in 2015. Anything prior will no longer be shown. MOCKINGJAY will show my blog recommendations and their results.

Dec 26 leftover
Just like clock work, as I've stated many times, buy QQQ in late summer and sell before the end of the year. Each year since 2008 I have done so and each year I have made a profit. Today I sold my QQQ shares and reap a net gain of over $1,750.0 !

The closed items on Catching Fire will no longer appear on the new MOCKINGJAY catching fire combined portfolio. I will move the active stocks to the MOCKINGJAY portfolio.

Catching FIRE portfolio

One year ago, I decided to make a stock portfolio public allowing one to see all my trades in the portfolio 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All trades, all closed trades for the year are available for viewing.

I set some very lofty goals. With an exposure risk that averages at any given time, $115,000 in the portfolio, I wanted to make a net profit gain of $40,000 which relates to a 35% gain for the year. THIS HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED. This is better than 99% of all professional hedge and institutional funds. I beat the pro fund managers in 2014 !

My plan was to make this portfolio available for one year. However, I currently have 10 active stocks in the portfolio. I now plan to allow it to be available for public viewing a little bit longer.

MOCKINGJAY - avoid the lies from so-called government reports, analysts reports, investment banking, the wallstreet media, and paid bloggers... their purpose by the powers behind them is to ** ROB YOU BLIND ** . MOCKINGJAY will attempt to see through all that and find the best means to make oodles and oodles of money !

MOCKINGJAY - '...with risk comes reward '

The "Catching Fire" stock portfolio that has been on displayed publicly daily on this site since Nov 2013 will end it's public display here either at the end of the month or year-end. It has been highly successful. If it was part of a hedge fund, it would be among the top hedge funds in the country as the current net gain in the 30-35% range.

Don't dismay, I am replacing it with a brand new, more aggressive, highly speculative stock portfolio which will be displayed here and will be called MOCKINGJAY ! The purpose of MOCKINGJAY WILL BE TO SHOW AN ANNUAL NET GAIN GREATER THAN MY CURRENT 'CATCHING FIRE' PORTFOLIO. Our purpose is to generate greater profit  than 35%. More on this later.


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