Apple analysis: 2014 and beyond

Wednesday, July 9th
The Market is getting too fast for some people. It's takes fortitude to keep up
Hello all of you in Blog land. Here at Rob the Markets Blinds, in addition to stock trading, I also take the position of writing about the fun and enjoyment of  the 'treasure hunting' at garage, estate, thrift, and stores looking for bargains that can be resold for a gain. At this point in my life, unlike other blogs of this type, I do it for fun and amusement. In the years ahead when I retire, I might do it for profit. How it's just a fun hobby.
Hey you cats out there,  Apple   ! 



Winning is grabbing momentum, profiting from it and then releasing it

A winner must be willing to  embrace change and  welcome challenge. The biggest “fear,” if there is  one, is not of the unknown, but of becoming complacent and stagnant. An environment of change and even uncertainty can energize a mentally strong person and bring out their best. 

A winner is willing to take calculated risks. This is a different thing entirely than jumping headlong into foolish risks. But with mental strength, an individual can weigh the risks and benefits thoroughly, and will fully assess the potential downsides and even the worst-case scenarios before they take action

The Daily Log

July 9th

Portfolio rotation changes. Made some changes this morning; sold balance of ANET and sold all of CMCM and VNCE. Purchased shares in DIS (Disney), SBUX (Starbucks) and QQQ.


Unless there's an overall wall street calamity, Apple (AAPL) will certainly pass the 100 share mark sometime this year.

Everyone knows about the upcoming iphone 6 with it's bigger screens

Everyone knows about the upcoming new product,  iWATCH

Everyone knows that AAPL has raised their dividend

Everyone knows that AAPL has increased it's amount of  buying back shares

Everyone knows about it's increase presence in China

Everyone knows about it's purchase of Beats

Everyione knows that it's P/E ratio is below the average S&P P?E making it a value cheap stock !

However, that's all happening this year, in year 2014. What about 2015?

I see the iwatch as just  the beginning of the Tim Cook regime of new apple innovative products. I see major upgrades in the ipad tablet market and Mac PC markets in 2015. The MAC PC has made share market gains in the PC arena and the ipad continues to grow where it might hit PC market strength.

I see Apple's  first major purchase of Beats as just the beginning of bigger acquisitions in 2015.

I see Apple making a bigger play in the international arena as more exposure such as  in Japan.

I see a bigger dividend increase and a bigger share buyout announcement in 2015

I see a bigger splash in Apple TV in 2015. (iTV)

There's much discussion about Apple making inroads toward Home Automation.

I see APPLE making a huge splash in providing a major online payments platform (ipay)

They could even surprise and buyout a company like Netflix ! !

A huge arena will be iAD. With all the integration of the various Apple products, AD money will finally hit Apple (which is currently Google's cash cow)

I see AAPL joining as one of the DOW Jones stocks in 2015 which will require a multiple of major funds to purchase AAPL.

Below the radar, itunes quietly makes billions, Forbes estimates making 25 billion per year by the end of the year 2015!

CEO Tim Cook, it has been announced, is actively looking for new AAPL board members to replace  aging (and non-productive) members. This is looked out by the Street as a huge positive.

This wil result in a huge increase in earnings and revenue income, an even greater cash horde, and continued to be debt free...

The respected forum, Forbes, recently came out with a report thinking Apple could make 1.5 trillion by the end of 2015 which translates to a share price of $250 per share.

Be ready for the third week of July when AAPL, Facebook, and Netflix all report ernings within three days of each other !


 Portfolio members with 2014 projections....entered in early January 2014

AMZN 12/31/14  500.00 projected
AMZN 12/31/13  398.78
AMZN 12/31/12  259.15

BIDU    12/31/14 260.00 projected
BIDU    12/31/13 178.88
BIDU    12/31/12 100.29
GOOG    12/31/14 1500.00 projected 
GOOG   12/31/13 1120.71
GOOG   12/31/12   707.38

TSLA     12/31/14   245  2nd projected (2/10)
TSLA     12/31/14   220  projected (original projection MADE)
TSLA     12/31/13   150.43
TSLA     12/31/12     33.87

NFLX     12/31/14  475  2nd projection (2/27)
NFLX     12/31/14  415  projected     PROJECTION MADE
NFLX     12/31/13  368.17
NFLX     12/31/12   92.59

PCLN     12/31/14   1600  projected
PCLN     12/31/13   1162.40
PCLN     12/31/12     620.39

AAPL    12/31/14   775 projected adjusted for split 112
AAPL    12/31/13    561.02.... 80.51
AAPL     12/31/12   532.17.... 76.08
 DIS        12/31/14    95.00 projection
DIS         12/31/13    76.40
 DIS          12/31/12    49.79

YHOO     12/31/14     60  projection
YHOO     12/31/13    40.44
 YHOO      12/31/12   19.90
 FB             12/31/14  72  projection
FB              12/31/13  54.65
 FB              12/31/12  26.62
 TWTR       12/31/14   82 projection
TWTR        12/31/13  63.65 
TWTR        IPO CLOSE 44.90

ILMN       12/31/14   295  projection          (added 3/6/2014 priced 171.23)
ILMN       12/31/13   110.59
ILMN        12/31/12    55.59


Regarding the Catching Fire portfolio. My real account in part mimics most but not all  of the same stocks at different buying prices and different quantities.

Catching Fire portfolio

Catching Fire started during thanksgiving week, Nov 2013
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Always be in the lookout for companies in new and exciting industries 



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