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The public stock portfolio started  in May, 2013 using a price action strategy. After six months it had a gain of $11,010 with an annualized rate of return of 29.70.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Winning is grabbing momentum, profiting from it and then releasing it

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The Daily Log
Monday, 11/18/2013
Last Wednesday, I concluded the first public portfolio with daily  updates after six months of trading. In my opinion, it was highly successful as we utilized the ten guidelines I wrote (shown on the right of this website). I made over $11,000 profit which annualized at a rate of 29.70%.
I am going to start up another public portfolio but with some changes I learned from the first one. The stock portfolio will run for three to six months on here. Three things I learned from the last six months:
1).  I need to adhere more closely to the 'rule guideline' that relates to 'cutting your loses short'. I would have performed much better if I had followed this rule more closely. I did at the beginning then started making exceptions the last two months.
2). For some uncanny reason, at times where I was away from watching my portfolio, it performed very poorly. I had no luck in this. I will now lighten up my portfolio holding when I am gone for the day
3) I did very well with daytrading. In fact, this was my best performing methodology the last two months. I will continue to do more of this, although this makes it harder for one to follow me.
There are some other minor things I can work on and change but the above three are the major changes. I plan to take a break for a few days before I start up the new stock portfolio.
  Wednesday, Nov 13, 2013
Our website blog is making some changes today. I started my public portfolio, which was updated as it happened on here, for the last six months. The results for the six months of public trading  were good but not great. With an average portfolio size of less than $80,000, I made a profit of $11,000 which annualized to a 29.70% rate of return. I will kept the portfolio numbers up for viewing at the end of the website posting. Stocks that were not sold are marked with a ending date showing the share price at end of trading on Nov 12.
I plan on starting another public portfolio soon. There are a number of things learned from the strategy used the last six months which I will incorporate in the new public portfolio. I will address those here in the next day or so. One thing I learned is that if I had followed my own rule guidelines (see the 10 listed on the right) I would have had a much better performance. In addition to that, in doing my analysis, I found some other things which will, in my opinion, help overall performance. As stated, I will identify those here very soon.
This site isn't all about the stock market. However, with the daily updating of the stock market, it took most of my time. I am still going to discuss  the stock market but also  going to relate more to other parts of this site - such as the paintings, my hobbies such as estate sale treasure hunting, movies, autos, etc.
I have developed a good following if the Blogger statistics I get are correct. It will be interesting to see how they change in the coming months. As stated, I will start a new public stock market portfolio. Right now I am going to take a haitus on that but will relate the changes in the next day or so.




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Painting and Photo Art   section   





 By Julia Kulkina
By Shayn Art
This is one of my favorites 
Her name is Donika Nikova, a digital artist, graphic and web designer.
 ." Sometimes it's nice to get lost, in order to find yourself. So it happened to me."
She wondered and looked deep inside, to the child who dreams of a colorful world, full of iridescent pastel colors, a world in which reigns a single law - that of love and harmony and being obsessed with memories of childhood thrills and excitement.

                                    By Monalli

                                                John Robert Peck-Viola




Raphael Soyer  
Russian-born American painter.. He is identified as a Social Realist because of his interest in men and women viewed in contemporary settings which included the streets, subways, salons and artists' studios of New York City 


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Elke Sommer




Classic Auto of the Day  
Invest in a classic car that is certain to appreciate in value  

If the right car does turn out to be an appreciating asset, any later sale is not subject to capital gains tax.

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Famous vintage picture : Jane Russell


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