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The henhouse lets the fox in to set up shop

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I started the stock portfolio in May, 2013 using a price action strategy and it is doing even better than expected ! 


Winning is  ...      finding Momentum , grabbing it, profiting from it, and then releasing it.

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The Daily Log
 Netflix (NFLX) remains unstoppable as it  gets in bed with cable operators !
As Apple AAPL and the short sellers remain stun and dumbfounded, Netflix NFLX continues it ferocious and unrelenting  pursuit of gaining on it's targeted goal of  90 million subscribers. The latest punch by NFLX is an apparent agreement with US cable operators to carry access to netflix via their cable boxes and shown directly to TV. This will likely add a massive amount of new subscribers to the streaming media giant.

When current NFLX CEO Hastings became pissed on needing to pay a Blockbuster late penalty fee on a returned video, he said there had to be a better way. That other way became Netflix  ... which started as an online store when one could rent cd's, pay a monthly fee and with no penalties. That later morph'd into a service that could provide streaming video online on demand. That service expanded to other devices such as smart phones and smart tv.  Netflix then started developing their own first run series and shows. Netflix also has an alliance with the media giant, Disney, to start up in a couple of years. One thing missing, and I am the first to state it right here, will be an alliance or partnership to show real time sporting events and  sporting news.  Now Netflix's CEO has stated that it won't 'ever' show live shows...but... that was when Netflix was just on the internet. Now with the TV connection, the story can and should change. If Netflix really wants the 90 million subscribers, my opinion is live tv would be needed to met that goal.

Additionally, also,  Netflix announces it first deal with a major production company, Sony, to produce a 13 part series. Previously, Netflix worked out a major success with a exclusive series on Netflix by a small production company to come up with 'House of Cards'.

In the meantime, amazingly, the street and major market analysis, continue to state that NFLX is overvalued. This will only feed the frenzy of more short sellers getting stuck into Netflix.

Although I do not make stock recommendations any longer. I plan on adding to my position on Netflix from time to time. At current levels, although the stock is volatile and has big swings on both sides of the ledger,  I would consider Netflix a screaming buy at levels below 350 long term.

Watch list possible wannabes .

XONE... Worth watching. XONE on the verge of breaking through a cup n saucer trend. Will it push forward or fall backward?

CERN   has trended upward for 48.5 to 56. Is there more room?

TXTR  Texas Roadhouse  hitting all time highs.. Will it continue ?

MDAS  Medassets.. does it have the midas touch ?  ... half a point away from an all-time high

ECPG   on a massive run this year .. from 29.70 in Jan to 48.97...shows no quit!

MU   has been on a tear this year.. from 6.40 in Jan to 18.85. Now down to 17.11 due to selling on news of earnings report. Went up it back on track?

QQQ      going up the right way as it always does this time of the year

TSLA    Down from it's high which usually means it's time to buy

SBUX, CBS, MGM  all showing ongoing steady but surely strength !

AAPL   yet again making a push for 500 and more....

FEYE, VOYA  If u like IPO puppies... might check  these two for flavor. to a lesser degree SFM, ECOM  and TXTR.

BIDU  the bulldog has dipped... you dip in and buy?

NFLX  screaming.. do you hear it? (see article above)

DIS    yet again another attempt to break 67...If so, how high ?

WFM  Whole Foods. Some day, some day will buy this. not now.

PZZA, DPZ  the pizza guys just don't quit

That said, good chance will pounce on something totally new based on price action.

10:30am  NFLX...  added more shares

10:34am TSLA  added to position

10:36am  FB added to position.... staying with the winners so far

11:20am  Sold CERN for profit.

11:22am  Bought 200 shr VISN

11:25am  Sold SCHB for profit

11:40am  Bought more...  150 shrs VISN

2:00pm   Sold 35shr NFLX for nice profit of 630.30.  Bought 75shr SSYS. ...and the beat goes on.

2:40pm Sold all of FB

2:56  Closed VISN.. daytrade didn't work    Bought NOG

: Annualized rate of return calculation. 
It is shown on the first and  last page of the portfolio spreadsheet. It is based on an average portfolio cost basis  of $80,000. More times than not I am below that amount.  My rules as stated at the beginning of our blog site is that I will not have more than $100,000 at risk at any given time and no more than 12 equities in the portfolio.
 My annualized return is based on a 365 year, the formula is provided by Google Drive spreadsheet software.
 The rate will be calculated each day after market closing.

My real account live portfolio (started Mid May 2013) This same portfolio is shown in a larger frame at the end of this posting


Price... follow the Price.. Money does and money flows to where money grows. I don't care about moving averages of any kind or flavor. I have no clue what oversold or overbought means nor do I care. Even volume numbers can be deceptive. I look at Price. Price is the result of the entire spectrum thoughts of those who are buying and selling stocks. Price is true. Price is honest. Price at any given time  provides the result of anyone's and everyone's  analysis, comments, posts, blogs, manipulations, media news, etc etc etc.

I don't have the time or inclination to purchase an entity and see if it's a winner in 5 years. My preference is to find out in 5 minutes. I love to purchase a stock that hits a first time new high, whether  the new high is a 52wk high, a yearly high, an all-time high ..because... the odds are that it's more than likely to continue to hit even more highs. The 'first new high' is likely to be the lowest high.
Are you watching the hot  stocks ?


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Painting and Photo Art   section   


 By Julia Kulkina
By Shayn Art
This is one of my favorites 
Her name is Donika Nikova, a digital artist, graphic and web designer.
 ." Sometimes it's nice to get lost, in order to find yourself. So it happened to me."
She wondered and looked deep inside, to the child who dreams of a colorful world, full of iridescent pastel colors, a world in which reigns a single law - that of love and harmony and being obsessed with memories of childhood thrills and excitement.

                                                    By Korpan Pasha 2011

                                    By Monalli

                                                John Robert Peck-Viola




Raphael Soyer  
Russian-born American painter.. He is identified as a Social Realist because of his interest in men and women viewed in contemporary settings which included the streets, subways, salons and artists' studios of New York City 


The Eye Candy section



Grace Kelly

Elke Sommer

sans shoes 

with shoes 



Classic Auto of the Day  
Invest in a classic car that is certain to appreciate in value  

If the right car does turn out to be an appreciating asset, any later sale is not subject to capital gains tax.

Thought for the Day



Famous vintage picture : Jane Russell


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