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"the stock market is never wrong. Traders are wrong"

 ..... Jesse Livermore

"Remember that stocks are never too high for you to begin buying"

----- Jesse Livermore
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Winning is  ...      finding Momentum , grabbing it, profiting from it, and then releasing it.

.... MightyMO

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The Daily Log
Monday, 9/16/2013
The worst thing one can do in the market is Hope. Hope is the biggest enemy, the biggest crime when it comes to your stocks and the stock market. People have asked me, 'why can't they make the same returns as me' and the answer usually is found that they don't sell stocks that move downwards ..they sit on those stocks and 'HOPE' to hell they come back. Sell the suckers I say and move on. Don't HOPE they come back to even. Just sell the losers and get onto a winner.  I have an annualized return on my stock portfolio of 60% in just four months of trading. Sell the losers and buy into the winners and you do that very very simply by looking at the price action of the individual stock.
Notice a number of articles on mainstream internet sites today about the crooks and CEO that ran companies to the ground back in 2008, yet are filty rich, and none have faced any criminal charges.  Also notice that 1% of the population has made 95% of the monetary gains. Also notice  that 10% of earners bought home 50% of country's income.
Our site attempts  to take some of that back. We call ourselves 'Rob the Markets Blind'. Since, well, since the beginning of stock trading, the 'market' has been robbing the individual 'investors' blind. First there were the 'bucket shops' where the public could make side bets on the stock market similar to a bookie.  These places had the public 'submit' transactions that  goes 'in the bucket' and is never executed. Without an actual underlying transaction, the customer is betting against the bucket shop operator, not participating in the market. Bucket shops are now illegal.
Then there were the 'boiler rooms'.  It  is defined as a place where high-pressure salespeople use banks of telephones to call lists of potential investors (known as "sucker lists") in order to peddle speculative, even fraudulent, securities.
Today's world uses the media and internet, many paid, to pump or downgrade a stock to their favor. Wall Street uses News releases to manipulate you the investor. Where ever there is money to be made, there's going to be someone there to try to rob you blind.
It is no accident that most investors lose money in the stock market. Their losses are an inevitable by-product of their native or ignorance of how little they know about the mechanisms of the stock exchange.
An individual that attempts to analyze the market, no matter what mechanism they use, how smart they are, or how smart their 'system' is, is nothing but bread on the platter for the stock market robbers.
In the last few years, stock market investments firms have been fined the equivalent of bread crumbs on the billions of dollars they cheated people. Hedge funds manager, a very few token, have been jailed for doing what all of them are doing that consists of insider trading, the buddy system conversations, media manipulations, and outright stealing. People  have bought into  'credible' people selling their system  funds only to end up  robbing their money in Ponzi schemes ....and that is still going on strong.
I have been involved with the  stock market for over 30 years. I have read hundreds of books and articles and blogs on the market. My conclusion is that the only thing real in the market is the actual price of the stock. People on any given day, have bought or sold a particular stock and placed a price on it's shares. The shares could be high or they could be low. It doesn't matter. It is the totality of all the sales and thoughts that day on what the price of that stock is.
I have completed four months of live trading on this site showing every trade. I have based my trading on one thing only, Share Price. I am up an annualized 60% of the year. Enough said!
 Upcoming changes on the site:
I begin our fifth month here. The site will now be adding and following the ongoing moves of two individuals that I feel incorporate  the dynamics for world improvements (Elon Musk) and one who keeps a watchful world on our corporations' board of directors (Carl Icahn). Elon Musk as you know oversees the private SpaceX outerspace flights, Telsa electric cars, SolarCity, and a possible involvement in electric rail travel in California. Carl Icahn oversees getting sleepy corporations to make investors more  money. 
"Currently sitting on 100 free commission trades, have used 32. I have only 60 days to use the free commission trades from my new broker, flat rate commissions of 3.95 plus 100 free trades. Broker's name is Optionshouse.
8:43am  Bought 35 shr BIDU
This site is more than stock transactions. I currently show art paintings and now will shortly feature my top 100 best poems. It will be in a new section on this site called 'Best Poem Selections'. It will consist of favorites that are considered the best by the masses plus a few of my personal favorites. I will be doing this from time to time. It replaces the 'Beautiful Towns' feature.
: Annualized rate of return calculation. 
It is shown on the first and  last page of the portfolio spreadsheet. It is based on an average portfolio cost basis  of $80,000. More times than not I am below that amount.  My rules as stated at the beginning of our blog site is that I will not have more than $100,000 at risk at any given time and no more than 12 equities in the portfolio.
 My annualized return is based on a 365 year, the formula is provided by Google Drive spreadsheet software.
 The rate will be calculated each day after market closing.

My real account live portfolio (started Mid May 2013) This same portfolio is shown in a larger frame at the end of this posting


Price... follow the Price.. Money does and money flows to where money grows. I don't care about moving averages of any kind or flavor. I have no clue what oversold or overbought means nor do I care. Even volume numbers can be deceptive. I look at Price. Price is the result of the entire spectrum thoughts of those who are buying and selling stocks. Price is true. Price is honest. Price at any given time  provides the result of anyone's and everyone's  analysis, comments, posts, blogs, manipulations, media news, etc etc etc.

I don't have the time or inclination to purchase an entity and see if it's a winner in 5 years. My preference is to find out in 5 minutes. I love to purchase a stock that hits a first time new high, whether  the new high is a 52wk high, a yearly high, an all-time high ..because... the odds are that it's more than likely to continue to hit even more highs. The 'first new high' is likely to be the lowest high.
Are you watching the right stocks ?
 The Carl Icahn Report:
Sept 12. Icahn sells rest of HAIN.  Icahn had owned HAIN for about 3.5 years at a cost of around $20.  HAIN sold Sept 12  at a high of 79.99 and a low of 79.00.
Sept 11.  Icahn buys more Apple (AAPL), says it's dirt cheap
The Elon Musk Report:
(Tesla (TSLA), HyperLoop, SolarCity, SpaceX (space exploration )

Elon Musk: "The real life Iron Man, Tony Stark"


Sept 13. Musk dealing with Texas politicians on issue of selling autos NOT through auto dealerships. Stay tuned. 


...In case you would like to follow our stock trades up to the very minute. I try to 'print' the trade within a minute or seconds on 'Stock Twits' (STOCKTWITS.COM) before I update them on here. You can follow me on stock twits by going to and signing in (it's free). Then follow ROBMARKETBLIND.




New ones coming.............






Painter/Painting   of the Day

Paintings that you would want to walk into!

This is the awe-inspiring work of Russian artist Evgeny Lushpin – capturing the lure of  city and landscape paintings. His work kind of romanticize the notion of human dwellings such as cities, streets and alleys in a very visually rich and ideally realistic manner that tickles fantasy

Eugene Lushpin, born in Moscow in November of 1966, is a celebrated contemporary artist whose work graces private collections throughout the United States, Russia and abroad. Greatly influenced by the Russian Realism School, his inspiring paintings of still life and landscape reflect a complex rendering of texture, illusionistic light and an intricate attention to detail.
In his first creative stage, the artist followed the traditional technique of the Russian Realism School, elaborately painting his surfaces with the finest glazes. Possessing a strong interest in the effect of illusions, his early work reflects a strong sense of symbolism. Skillfully mastering the complex technique of texture painting with glimmering, lustrous or reflective surfaces, Lushpin created a series of photorealistic landscapes. At first glance, they are often mistaken for large color photographs.
Recently, the artist’s interests have become more focused on the image of the city. He has a unique gift for capturing the dynamic energy of a crowded sidewalk or the serene mood of a quiet neighborhood. Rooftops are often a prominent subject in much of his work, representing the theme of fairy tales from the artist’s childhood – man rising above everyday problems and the bustle of the world. His brilliant use of color and sharp contrast combined with loose Impressionistic brushstrokes bring a dynamic quality to his impressive artwork.

Le Consulat





Other works by other painters

                                                John Robert Peck-Viola


Paintings by PİNO ( Giuseppe Dangelico )
....  noted for his exceptional ability to capture the movements and expressions of his subjects.

PINO - Dreaming Madrid


Raphael Soyer  
Russian-born American painter.. He is identified as a Social Realist because of his interest in men and women viewed in contemporary settings which included the streets, subways, salons and artists' studios of New York City 






Classic Auto of the Day  
Invest in a classic car that is certain to appreciate in value  

If the right car does turn out to be an appreciating asset, any later sale is not subject to capital gains tax.

Thought for the Day


Famous vintage picture : Jane Russell


That's all Folks  





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