Reviewing our stock portfolio

I have several accounts with Charles Schwab. Listed below is what I call my momentum stock account. It is a swing account, I will trade in and out of it quite often.

In a roaring bull market, most of these consists of stocks hitting highs and hopefully will hit even more highs. I left out commission costs as each broker has a different cost plan so I will leave that part up to you.

The only thing that is not shown are the non-commissioned ETF's I trade in and out of this account on a daily basis. For now, I will only show actual stocks. In future blogs I will discuss my reasons for adding or selling stocks on this list.

To be fair, a number of these stocks were purchased prior to 5/9/2013 as a lower price, but I first listed these on here on 5/9/2013, so I will use that as the start date.

The stocks I list here are those I think should outperform the market indexes </>


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